Monday, May 11, 2015


Priest Uendi says this little Greek 5th Century BC statuette of "a fallen youth" is her favourite from the Getty Museum.

This is the standard iconography comparing any audacious youth to Icarus, whose desperate attempt to escape the Minotaur's Labyrinth turned out rather differently than he and his father Daedalus had planned. 

He escaped all right ... but in his elated exuberance, he soared a bit too high. 

Today, children are taught the myth of Icarus as an admonition to children to be obedient and not take risks. 

But in ancient times, Icarus symbolized audacity. Icarus could have stayed in the labyrinth and grown old and died. 

Instead, he spread his wings and took a great leap of faith.

And ... for one brief, soaring moment ... he was free! 

Ever one of us has felt this scary elation when coming out of the closet. It is risky ... disaster could ensue ... but it is better than wasting your life trapped in the confinements of a dark closet.

Jupiter and Uranus are in a risk-promoting sextile aspect right now.

They are urging you to strap on your wings tonight and fly away to new heights. 

Yes, of course, a certain amount of caution and navigation is necessary.

But the important thing is to take a flying leap!

If you have been dithering and fretting for the longest time about taking some risk in order to achieve a long-cherished dream ... then now is the time when the planets will give you the confidence and derring-do to accomplish it.

Antinous the Gay God is telling you go ahead, jump, take the plunge, dive in. Don't just sit there thinking about doing it ... DO IT!

Jupiter/Uranus are saying get ready for a big surprise! Not necessarily a bad surprise (as happened to Icarus). 

No, instead the big surprise may turn out to be that you in fact wing your way to new freedom (as happened to Daedalus).

In Light and Life and Fluttering Feathers,


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