Saturday, May 2, 2015


FLAMEN Antonius Subia announced major changes at ceremonies tonight at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous which were relayed via Skype to participants elsewhere in the world.

He unveiled new rules formalizing membership in the religion of Antinous, distinguishing between people with only a casual interest in Antinous from those who have set their feet upon the path toward serious spiritual study.

These serious students will be called COMPANIONS of Antinous, a preliminary step towards possible eventual priesthood. Study for the priesthood entails a year of preparation.

Novice Priest DECO RIBEIRO, taking part via Skype from Brazil, announced that, as part of his priesthood preparation, he will be providing Portuguese translations of major documents and EPISTLES, a task he formally launched today.

Taking part from Germany, Priest Hernestus read a passage from PRIEST MARTINUS's newly published historical novel about Antinous entitled THE LOVE GOD about the day in the year 129 AD when Hadrian and Antinous slew a wild boar in Bithynia, the birth land of Antinous.

Most of tonight's ceremonies were focused on the SACRED BOAR HUNT, which Antonius described as "the pinnacle of the life of Antinous."

Aside from international participants via Skype, a dozen or so people took part in the Boar Hunt rituals celebrated at the HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS.  

Among those on hand for the events were two celebrated artists.

We welcomed with open arms British artist STUART SANDFORD, who by sacred synchronicity had been in attendance at the priestly investiture of Martinus in London in February.

And we were delighted to have among midst LINDA LARSON, whose Antinous-related art has inspired us all.

Linda's portrait of Antinous which graces the top of this entry was painted two decades ago and is among Antonius Subia's favorite contemporary paintings of Antinous.

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  1. This is magical and divine. Could The Flamen or someone honoured else explain to me the steps further to be part of the forthcoming ceremonies. Just a little worried that after my declaration to Antonius of hoping to become a future Companion of Antinoüs, I missed this celebration. Therefore I really want to avoid future occurence and really would like to receive the guidance on how to participate. Thank you. Ave Antinoüs. Jacques Stoffels !