Thursday, May 14, 2015


IT was hyped as the LOST TOMB OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT. But in reality it was all nothing more than an ill-conceived attempt by Greek government officials to boost morale in crisis-weary Greece.

There was never any solid archaeological evidence that Alexander or anyone else of importance was ever buried there, shame-faced experts admit now.

"The Amphipolis tomb excavation was a badly staged farce to distract Greek people from the harsh austerity measures the previous government was implementing," general secretary of the Athens Archaeological Institute Vasilios Petratos told THE GREEK REPORTER.

Petratos, also an academic, said that the AMPHIPOLIS DIG and the mystery behind the “occupant” of the tomb that made domestic and international news headlines was nothing more than a contrived story to divert Greeks from their economic woes and the measures the government was taking.

He went further and accused archaeologists and other persons involved in the excavations of lies, twisting the facts and chaos that led to loss of data that were important for archaeology.

"The story of Amphipolis is neither great nor small event" but a "clumsy contrived story in order to distract attention of Greeks from the arbitrary economic measures," said Petratos.

"The monument itself has not offered anything new and valuable historical and archaeological data have been lost because of mistakes made by persons who ignore the scientific method," he added.

The general secretary of the Athens Archaeological Institute also criticized the new organization chart of the culture ministry for the problems of archaeology in Greece.

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