Wednesday, October 31, 2018


ANTINOUS the mortal is dead. Antinous the God is born! 

On this day, October 31st, we surrender ourselves, body and soul, to the joy of Lord Liber, and join in the festival of Halloween, spreading the Love and Liberation of Antinous to the world of the living and the dead. This is the second day of the Ecclesiastic Year.

The festival of Antinous Liberator, the New Dionysus, is the place from which life comes and all love-joy with the ever-present specter of Our Lady death by its side.

The New God Antinous Liberator, sets us free with a wave of his hand. 
He destroys the bondage that holds our immortal spirit prisoner to the cycles of life and death, as the chains of time and matter fall of their own accord.

In benediction, Antinous Liberator confers the flame of Homotheosis upon the hearts of his chosen lovers so that we may indulge and burn in the ecstasy of being One with HIM.

We are free from the masquerade of the spirit in this world of illusion, we are unclothed before him. 

From his lips we drink the winged intoxication of the flesh and abandoned all reason and logic at his feet.

Antinous stands upon the crescent of the Moon. He passes through the Arches of the spheres, the 7 Archons bow down before HIM.

The god-power of Antinous shines over the face of darkness. The Spirits of the Dead awaken to dance as the wine of freedom flows down into the spider-heart of Tartarus.

As Dark as events in the world may become ... a powerful light is shining stronger for Gay, Bi, Lesbian and Transgender people everywhere in the world!

Every day, more and more of us come together,

Every day, the fire of Antinous spreads

His name becomes less a strange, unheard of and difficult to pronounce name from Ancient times ... and more a realization that once there was a time when being gay was a sacred state of being, and that there was a god who represented us, and spoke on our behalf to the immortal powers.

Antinous is with us again ... his power is growing stronger in our hearts.

Antinous is within all of US!

The Blessing of Antinous is with us all!

The Arisen Antinous has Come Again! 

Ave Antinous!



WE have a new priest of Antinous! JIM CRAWFORD of Washington DC was consecrated in joyous ceremonies at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous tonight.

Jim, whose priestly name is Iakobus Isidoros Didymus Corvusvadem, now brings our priesthood to seven, spanning three continents, North America, Europe and South America.

Last week, Priest Iakobus represented the religion of Antinous during final-resting services for Saint of Antinous MATTHEW SHEPARD at Washington National Cathedral.

His consecration by our Priest Michaelus Isom was conducted in Roanoke Virginia before a worldwide link-up via Skype during Foundation Day ceremonies at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous on 30th October.

Worshipers from North America, South America and Europe witnessed the consecration.

The other highlight of the evening was announcement of saints of Antinous for 2018. The names of the new Gay Saints of Antinous for 2018 (Anno Antinoo 1907) were added to our LIST OF SAINTS.

They are:


220 Martyrs of Brazil

Anthony Avalos - 10, killed by his own family for coming out of the closet

 Hamoudi al-Mutairi – 14, was stabbed to death on his way home in Baghdad by a gang of youths who believed that he was gay.  The attack was video recorded with the attackers taunting him as he pleads for his life laying on the ground in a pool or blood.

David Spencer - 32, killed in a "Gay Panic" defense in Texas, September 2015

 Blaze Bernstein - 19, violently stabbed to death in a hate crime in California
Charlie Howard – 23, killed by a group of teenage boys in 1984, was thrown from a bridge and drowned in Bangor Maine.
Vanessa Campos, 36, a trans woman working as a prostitute, was shot dead on August 17 in Paris.
Naomi Hersi, 36, was found stabbed to death at Heathrow Palace in London at 10:30 on Sunday 18 March 2018.

India -Following a false rumor that transgender women were kidnapping children for sex trafficking in Hyderabad, four transgender women were attacked by a mob on May 26, 2018. One of the women died.

Pakistan -A transgender woman in Pakistan died after being set afire by four men when she resisted sexual assault. The men had taken the woman to an isolated area in the city of Sahiwal, in the eastern part of the nation last Thursday, The Times of India reports. She fought back when they tried to assault her, and then they set her on fire. She suffered burns on 80 percent of her body and died while being transported to a hospital.

Sheila, a transgender woman and sex worker, was shot in the streets of Tepic on March 14, 2018.

Yoselyn, a transgender woman and sex worker, was found beheaded inside the room of a short stay motel in Alamo, Veracruz on April 5, 2018. She was seen with a client who left before the corpse was found.

Gretchen Alina, a transgender woman and drag queen show performer was strangled to death in Monterrey on April 10, 2018.
Yamileth Quintero, a transgender woman and beauty queen was shot in Culiacan after an encounter with a man she had met online, May 24, 2018.
Nataly Briyth Sánchez, an undocumented sex worker originally from Honduras, was murdered during a sexual encounter on June 19, 2018 in Tapachula. The client stabbed her to death after discovering that she was transgender.
Katty, a transgender woman and sex worker was shot by an unknown man at a nightclub in Yautepec de Zaragoza on June 27, 2018.
Chanel, a 45 year-old transexual sex worker, was shot in the streets of Toluca, July 18, 2018.
Alaska Contreras Ponce, 25, a transgender beauty queen and sex worker, was found dead with her neck sliced by barbed wire after gruesome torture in Martinze de la Torre, July 25, 2018.
Juan C. M., a 24 year old transgender woman and local taxi driver, was found dead in Santa Maria Atzompa on August 12, 2018. Apparently, she had a gunshot wound.
Samuel Santolli, a transgender woman and sex worker, was stabbed to death by her lover, a Salvadorian gang member in Tapachula, May 26, 2018.
Diego Armando Sanchez Medina, 32, a transgender woman and hairdresser, was shot 28 times by armed men in Guadalajara, August 27, 2018.
Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, 42, was the first known case of deadly violence against the transgender community in 2018. A local news outlet reports that she was found dead in her home on Friday night in North Adams, Massachusetts.
Viccky Gutierrez, 33, She died after being stabbed and her apartment in Los Angeles was set on fire while she and her dog were trapped inside, January 12, 2018.
Tonya Harvey, 35, Harvey was shot to death shortly in Buffalo, New York.
Celine Walker, 36, was shot to death in Jacksonville, Florida on February 4, 2018.  Sources claim that Walker's body was found with fatal gunshot wounds in an Extended Stay America hotel at about 8 p.m. and pronounced dead at the scene. Additionally, Walker's family and friends publicly shared their disgust toward Jacksonville Sheriff's Department and the Florida Sun Times-Union misgendering her.
Phylicia Mitchell, 45, was shot in the chest around 6 p.m. 
outside her home on West 112th Street near Detroit Avenue, in the Cleveland's Edgewater neighborhood
Zakaria Fry, 28, was found dead in the town of Stanley, New Mexico, on February 19, 2018. She went missing in New Mexico in mid-January, and her body was later found 40 miles outside of Albuquerque on February 19. Rancher Fidel Montoya found one body in a trash bin along the road, and another body was recovered about two miles away. Police confirmed them to be Fry and her roommate Eugene Ray on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
Amia Tyrae Berryman, 28, suffered multiple fatal gunshot wounds outside of a motel in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 26, 2018.
Sasha Wall, 29, fatally shot on April 1 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Her body was found with multiple gunshot wounds and slumped over her car's steering wheel on Sunday, April 1, 2018.
Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, 18, was strangled to death in her Dallas apartment May 9,
Nino Fortson, 36, a transgender man fatally shot multiple times during an argument May 13 in Atlanta.
Antash'a English, 38, known to friends as Antash’a, died June 1, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida
Gigi Pierce, 28, a transgender woman fatally shot May 22 evening in Portland, Oregon.
Cathalina Christina James, 24, was found shot dead in a hotel on the Southside of Jacksonville, Florida on June 24, 2018.
Diamond Stephens was 39 years old Black transgender woman who was shot to death on June 18 in Meridian, Mississippi.
Keisha Wells,was 54, died in a parking lot due to a gunshot wound to the abdomen on June 23 in Cleveland.
Sasha Garden was 27-year-old transgender woman, was found dead in Orlando on July 19
Dejanay Stanton was 24, was shot to death early in the morning of August 30 on the south side of Chicago
Vontashia Bell was 18, suffered a fatal gunshot wound August 30 in Shreveport, Louisiana
Shantee Tucker was 30, was shot to death September 5 on a Philadelphia street by someone firing from inside a pickup truck.
London Moore was 20, was found shot to death September 8 in North Port, Fl.
Nikki Enriquez was 28, of Laredo, Texas, was found dead near Interstate 35 in south Texas September 15.suspect is Juan David Ortiz.
Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier age 31, of Chicago, Illinois, was found dead with stab wounds on October 3, in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

Rudolf Brazda – 98, last known survivor of the "Men With The Pink Triangles"

Jamel Myles - 9, committed suicide shortly after coming out the closet

Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben – (September 17, 1730 – November 28, 1794) Gay revolutionary war hero, was a Prussian and later an American military officer. He served as Inspector General and a Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He is credited with being one of the fathers of the Continental Army in teaching them the essentials of military drills, tactics, and disciplines. He wrote "Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States," the book that served as the standard United States drill manual until the War of 1812. He served as General George Washington's chief of staff in the final years of the war.

Tab Hunter - July 11, 1931 – July 8, 2018, 86, Gay actor who appeared in over forty films, was a well-known Hollywood star and heartthrob of the 1950s and 1960s, known for his blond, clean-cut good.

Ramón Novarro - February 6, 1899 – October 30, 1968. Mexican film, stage and television actor who began his career in silent films in 1917 and eventually became a leading man and one of the top box office attractions of the 1920s and early 1930s. Novarro was promoted by MGM as a "Latin lover" and became known as a sex symbol after the death of Rudolph Valentino. He never concealed his gayness, despite studio pressure for him to do so. Tragically. he was murdered by two male prostitutes.

John Vernon – 53, Died, November 1993. Oklahoma politician, political activist, restaurateur, the first gay person nominated for a major office in America (Vice President for the Libertarian Party ticket for 1976 who came out at the Convention publicly & as a consequence lost the nomination by 8 votes.) He moved to Van Nuys & was his party's nominee for Lt. Governor& later for Congress in the San Fernando Valley beating the Republican candidate but losing narrowly to the Democratic nominee. In addition he was his party's State Chairman prior to his death from AIDS complication.

Hierocles - husband of Elagabalus. Murdered with Elagabalus by the Praetorian Guard, 222 CE.

John Eberhardt - who built Cherry Grove’s dream palace Belvedere Guest House for Men in 1956, as well as numerous houses in the community, passed away this month, according to his son Craig. Born in 1922, John was 92 years old. Our condolences go to Craig and Julien. John was be sorely missed.

Al Parker - June 25, 1952 – August 17, 1992 was a gay American adult film star, producer and director. He died from complications of AIDS at the age of 40

Joao Nery – (February 12, 1950 - October 26, 2018) Psychologist, author, and LGBTQ rights activist who was the first person in Brazil to transmission from Female to Male, who’s sexual reassignment surgery took place in 1977.  He spent his life devoted to teaching and advocating for LGTBQ rights and made a great impact on Brazilian society.  He died of Cancer on at the age of 68 only four days ago, on the last day to nominate new saints of Antinous.

Hiram Keller – May 3, 1944 – January 20, 1997 Actor who portrayed Aschyltus in Fellini’s Satyricon

Rev. Robert Wood - His book “Christ and the Homosexual,” published in 1960, was a rare plea by a gay clergyman for equality.

John Eberhardt - who built Cherry Grove’s dream palace Belvedere Guest House for Men in 1956, as well as numerous houses in the community, passed away this month, according to his son Craig. Born in 1922, John was 92 years old. Our condolences go to Craig and Julien. John was be sorely missed.

O. James Napier – Jan. 10, 1967- July 17, 2018 – A Companion of Antinous, one time priest candidate, he taught Sociology of LGBT Culture at Marshall University, Ohio University, and Mountwest Community & Technical College, was one of the first organizers of a gay pride event in West Virginia in the 1980s, and also had a long running drag career performing as his/her alter-ego Miss Ilene Over. He was a practicing witch and pagan, who joined the Religion of Antinous in 2014 and attended several ceremonies and was a good friend to many members of our group, and at one point even entered the candidacy period for becoming a Priest of Antinous.  We send forth our love to O. James Napier - Miss Ilene Over, and solemnly ask that Antinous grant her a much deserved place on the Barque of Millions of Years.

Kent Lee Meisinger – March 5, 1960 – October 29, 1992, Was born in Kansas and had a difficult childhood, but moved to New York where he flourished and found acceptance and admiration for his taste and artistic skills, there he met Robert Sekulovich, and together they travelled the world but held a special fondness for Hawaii. Soon after his 30th birthday, he was diagnosed with a rare AIDS related cancer.  In the words of Robert Sekulovich "I slept by his side on a cot in St. Vincents Hospital, Greenwich Village and then one night the nurse woke saying he would shortly pass. I held his beautiful body in my arms, telling him over and again how much I loved him until his breathing finally stopped.  It was the worst day of my life. Years followed when I felt emptiness everywhere, always, but his loving presence stayed in my heart. Ave Atque Vale, dear Kent, smile your beautiful smile down upon us forever."

These are the New Saints of the Religion of Antinous
May they be elevated to Eternal Apotheosis
We place them among the Stars
May they Dwell among the Heroes
And Demi-gods of Homotheosis Gay Love
May the souls of the Martyrs
Who died for us be given a place of glory
On the Barque of Millions of Years
For the suffering they have endured in our name
May the Sancti Antinoi be enthroned in Homotheosis
May they watch over us, protect us, and inspire us
In the Name of Antinous the Gay God,
Behold...these are the New Saints of Our Religion!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018


ON this day we commemorate the founding of the Sacred City of Antinous, the glorious city of ANTINOOPOLIS in Egypt as it originally was called and later Ansenand Antinoé.

Our Lord Hadrian Augustus, Emperor of Rome, Pontifex Maximus, the New Jupiter, Hercules reborn, consecrated the shore of the Nile where Antinous fell, and solemnly founded the Holy City of Antinoopolis in Egypt in the year 130 AD

Antinous had risen again from the depths of Tartarus, he had conquered death and returned to the place of the living.

By Victory and Proclamation, Antinous was elevated to godliness, and the ancient religion of Our God was set in motion. 

The Priesthood of Antinous was ordained, sacred statues and images proliferated, and Temples rose up in every corner of the world, for the glory of Antinous the God.

We exalt in the deification of Antinous, and marvel at his assumption into heaven. 

On this day we concelebrate the Foundation of Antinoopolis by re-founding the sacred city within our hearts, declaring ourselves the New Stones of Antinoopolis. 

With love for Antinous in our hearts, the New Temple of Antinous was founded in 2002, called Ecclesia Antinoi, and the New Priesthood of Antinous initiated.

We recognize the Foundation of Antinoopolis as the first day of the New and Holy Year of Religion of Antinous.

Monday, October 29, 2018


ANTINOUS is dead. Hadrian is weeping over his limp body on the banks of the Nile where his beloved perished in late October of the year 130 AD.

While mourners wail in the world of the living, Antinous descends into the Underworld. The modern Religion of Antinous commemorates this descent into the Egyptian Duat on October 29th.

Flamen Antonius Subia says:
Antinous is embraced by Osiris beneath the water of the Holy Nile, and he is given over to Hermes-Anubis and led into the underworld.

He appears before the Lords of the scale of Maat, but his spirit is divine and the scales crumble at his touch.

Hermes-Anubis escorts Antinous into the Hall of the Queen of the Dead, Persephone, and because he is a witness of the Mysteries of Eleusis, he obtains from her the pomegranate of immortality.

The immortal spirit of Antinous does not taste death, and he is given to drink of the fountain that restores memory because he has learned from Orpheus that he is from the Earth but is a Child of the Stars.

Antinous conquers death and returns from darkness. At midnight Antinous the God arises from the Nile and steps onto the shore from which he fell. The spirits of the entourage of Dionysus attend his resurrection and he is reborn as the New Osiris-Dionysus.
In the Religion of Antinous, this is the last day of the Ecclesiastic Year, it is spent in darkness and in solemn devotion.

As Antinous journeys through the underworld, we confront the weakness of being without our god, we reflect on the passage of the year, and on the influence of Antinous upon our lives, and we pray for the triumph of his return.

At midnight, a pure candle is ignited to symbolize the deification of Antinous Our God.


ON three continents tonight, adherents of Antinous took part via a Skype video call in a candlelight vigil in memory of worldwide victims of homophobia.

The vigil coincided with the October 28 observance of the Death of Antinous on that date in the year 130 AD.

Worshipers in North America, South America and Europe took part in the candlelight ceremonies.

At the Hollywood Temple of Antinous, the founder of the modern religion of Antinous, ANTONIUS SUBIA, related the true-life story of how Antinous drowned in the Nile at the end of October in the year 130 AD, and how Hadrian proclaimed him the last deity of the Classical Era.

Priest DECO RIBEIRO, participating via Skype from São Paulo (photo below right), solemnly read out the names of some 200 Brazilian LGBTIU victims of homophobic murders over the past 12 months ... and linked them to the tragic death of Antinous.

With a quavering voice, Deco paused from time to time to remark on individuals whose names were on the list. 

He also honoured hundreds of victims of homophobic attacks around the world.

Sadly, many of the other people were listed as "Unidentified" either because their families had withheld their names out of shame ... or because they were street people whose identities were never determined by authorities.

Antonius noted that the list of names represents only the tip of the iceberg ... and only one 12-month period. Countless thousands more suffer and are murdered on a daily basis around the world.

"We are in a state of war," Antonius said. "In the name of 'religious freedom,' our enemies seek to destroy us. But as the Religion of Antinous, we can fight back."

On October 28th we commemorate the death of Antinous and his descent into the Underworld.

"Antinous passes out of the world of the living tonight and enters the Underworld, where he hears the names of all these people and gathers them to him and embraces them and saves them from oblivion," Antonius told worshipers.

"I pray to Antinous to watch over them, now as his divine spirit sinks down into the place of the dead ... and when he returns, that he will bring for hope again, that these deaths will stop," Antonius said. "This is what I wish for."

On October 30th, another international Skype-relayed ceremony will be held celebrating the return of Antinous from the Underworld and the establishment of the city of ANTINOOPOLIS by Emperor Hadrian on that date in 130 AD.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

By Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

Tonight, Antinous passes
From the world of the living,
To the Kingdom of the Dead,
Where he will meet our Lord Osiris,
And become as one
With the Ruler of the Underworld.
He will pass through the chambers of darkness
He will cross the rivers of blood
He will traverse the lakes of fire
His heart will shine like a beacon of light
And all our lost and forgotten dead and martyrs
He will gather them together in his embrace
And lead them out of the land of shadows
He will give them a seat
Upon his Barque of Millions of Years
Not a single one will be left behind,
They will find a place of love by his side
This is the Day that Antinous Died.
Our Love for him brings him back from the dead
He will never be forgotten,
Gay Men, Women and Trans will lift up
Their voices in praise to him
Forever, from now on, until the end of time!

Ave Antinous!


ON October 28th we commemorate the tragic death of Antinous in the Nile in October 130 AD. October 28th is also the Egyptian Day of Transformation into the Bennu Bird. 

This festival is the conclusion of the Mysteries of Osiris ... a festival which Antinous and Hadrian witnessed in Hermopolis during the final days of the mortal life of Antinous. 

They had already visited the Shrine of the Bennu (phoenix) Bird in Heliopolis Egypt. 

Now in Hermopolis, during the passion play, Antinous and Hadrian see how Isis and Nephthys search for and finally find the body of Osiris. 

Then, using the Scroll of Thoth from the sacred library at Hermopolis, Isis raises Osiris from the dead and transforms him into a spirit which can pass from the Underworld into the world of the living.

At the end of the Festival of the Passion of Isis and Osiris, Antinous plunges into the Nile under mysterious circumstances. Grieving Hadrian proclaims him a god ... he is worshiped throughout the Empire as Antinous in the form of Osiris. And Antinous is worshiped as a lunar deity. 

There is a spell of Transformation in the Book of the Dead, Chapter 83 (LXXXIII): 

I fly up and out of the Primeval Waters 
I come into being as the God Kheper
I am the Bennu, the Soul of Ra,
and the guide of the gods in the Tuat.
I become a Shining One, 
I am Mighty,
I become sacred among the Gods,
I am the Moon God
who vanquishes all darkness.

The OBELISK OF ANTINOUS speaks of Antinous becoming "a shining one" and also of being full of the "Semen of the First God" which is the creative force of the universe. That means Antinous can assume "any form his heart desires" since he (like Osiris) is one with the First God ... and one with the Bennu Bird.

Antinous IS the Phoenix.


ON October 28 the Religion of Antinous commemorates The Death of Antinous.

Near the village of Hir-wer, Antinous fell into the Nile and drowned.

There are those who believe that he was murdered, or that he willingly gave himself over to human sacrifice to prolong the life of his beloved Hadrian, or that his death was the suicidal effect of teenage melodrama, or that is was merely an accident, but there is no way to know, no way to be certain.

Grief-stricken Hadrian only said he "plunged into the Nile" but never elaborated on the circumstances of the death of his beloved.

Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia says:
We priests of Antinous do not take a definite position and leave the matter as an unknowable mystery. The manner in which Antinous died is not important, only the effect that his death had upon the world has significance.

On this day, we solemnly and silently mourn the Death of Antinous whom Hadrian loved and for whom he wept, and we sorrow for the loss of such great beauty at so young an age.

We pray for the Bithynian boy who died so far from home.

With his death, our religion was set in motion.

We lament and exalt in the grief of Hadrian that was so strong and so powerful that it spread to the whole face of the world, and affects us still today.

We pray also for all those homosexuals who have died in youth as a consequence of repression, we mourn the suicides, and commit them to the soothing arms of Antinous, who was assumed into the Nile for all of us.

It is one of the great ironies of history that, by dying dramatically, a  young person who was unremarkable except for his beauty became irrevocably bound with the most powerful man in the world. 

Emperor Hadrian proclaimed Antinous a God. He established a city on the bend of the Nile where the young man died — Antinoopolis. 

He named a constellation in the heavens after Antinous.

And without gentle Antinous at his side, Hadrian became an embittered and broken man. He became capricious and at times cruel. A reign which had been marked by Hellenistic principles of tolerance descended into bloodshed.

It is indeed remarkable how one young man, a commoner with no wealth or political influence, changed the course of history simply by dying. And the thousands of statues sculpted on orders of grieving Hadrian became the iconic image of Classical beauty — the last deity of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Antinous fell into the Nile, beneath the swirling waves, but when his body was pulled from the water ... a God emerged. Antinous is our God, he has accomplished the salvation of all lovers of his beauty. His is our salvation. He is Antinous the Gay God. He is the last pagan God of Classical Rome.

For centuries, he was worshiped in secret by gay men who were afraid to worship him publicly. Men such as Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman sang his praises. When the Nazis marched into the offices of gay-rights advocate Magnus Hirschfeld in Berlin, they smashed a ceramic wall relief of Antinous which Dr. Hirschfeld had set in a place of reverence over the doorway.

And now, in the 21st Century, the "Most Great and Good God" (as he was known among his followers) is being discovered by a whole new generation of people seeking gay spirituality.

We dedicate our lives and our souls to fulfilling the Divine Hadrian's command to establish the Religion of Antinous for all who seek gay spirituality. We dedicate our lives and our souls to serving Antinous the Gay God.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


ANTINOUS would see only one more sunset and sunrise on this date in the year 130 AD. And after that final sunrise, he would never see another sunset ...

On October 27th Antinous and the Imperial entourage were in the ancient city of Hermopolis, the Sacred City of Thoth/Hermes during the celebration of the Death and Resurrection of Osiris.

We believe that the spiritual forces of this occasion, and the Mysteries divulged to him by the Hermetic priests of the god Thoth, were the inspiration for this ascension into godliness.

The Passion of Isis and Osiris was played out annually in Ancient Egypt and formed the cornerstone of the Egyptian belief system, a belief system which taught that you could die horribly and tragically and yet you could be revived and restored and in fact you could become a god.

Sacred players acted out the roles of Osiris, his murderous brother Set and his faithful consort Isis. It was through the magical spells contained in the fabled "Scroll of Thoth" that Isis brought Osiris back from the dead.

At Oxyrhynchus Antinous had seen just how potent the magical spells of Isis were.

The festival of Osiris celebrated at Hermopolis and observed by Hadrian and Antinous commemorated the rending of the body of Osiris and the searching of Isis for each of the parts.

We believe that something of a cathartic nature happened within the soul of Antinous at Hermopolis just before he plunged into the Nile on the opposite bank across from Hermopolis.

We will never know precisely what happened. Did Antinous get a glimpse at the fabled Scroll of Thoth? Did some Egyptian magician-priest teach him a bit about spellcasting? Did Antinous perhaps believe that he could use a spell to prolong Hadrian's life?

The Egyptians believed anyone who drowned in the Nile would become "a deified Osiris". Some Egyptian magical spells call for the magician to "deify a scarab beetle" -- which means to drown it in Nile water and thus make it sacred and magical.

We will never know for sure what happened as a result of the ceremonies on October 27th, the last day and the last sunset of the brief mortal life of Antinous. The sun would rise on October 28th and, although the mortal Antinous would die, there would never be another setting of the sun for Antinous the Gay God!


Like Osiris, Antinous descended into the Nile, and arose to bring the blessing of eternal life to the world. The Religion of Antinous, like the body of Osiris was scattered over the face of the world, and we who worship him, are like Isis, gathering the fragments together again.

Hermopolis was the last city that Antinous ever saw, and the Passion of Osiris was the last religious ceremony in which he took part. Certainly it was here and at this time that an Awakening occurred, dark in its implications, causing Antinous to relinquish his life.

But it was of splendid power in that, from the death of the boy, a god emerged. We observe that in Hermopolis, the scattering of the body of Osiris was the moment when the sperm of the blessed one was planted in the immortal spirit of Antinous, Our God.

The Sacred Nights of Antinous begin tomorrow ....

Friday, October 26, 2018


A modern principiant priest of Antinous was on hand today when the ashes of Matthew Shepard were finally laid to rest at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Principiant Priest Jim Crawford, whose ordination ceremonies will be celebrated on October 30th, represented priests from three continents and followers from around the world.

He brought with him a document containing the prayers and meditations sent to him in recent day by worshippers of Antinous.

"It was my sad honour to attend the Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance for Matthew Wayne Shepard this morning," Jim Crawford said. 

He also related a wondrous anecdote involving a deer:

"During the homily, The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson told a story that I had never heard before. It seems that when the first police officer arrived upon the scene, she saw that a young deer had stayed with Matthew until help arrived," Novice Priest Jim Crawford said.

Based on that story, C.H. Johnson and M.D. Browne wrote "Gently Rest (Deer Lullaby)". The Conspirare choir sang this during the service. 

Jim Crawford added, "I am going to write the words here because I think the words will strike a chord with those who find Antinous in their lives:"

Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Spirit shining, resting in creation
Universe is holding you so deeply
Gently rest now, you the child of angels

Deer beside you, hear your brother breathing
With you always in your starry shelter
Dreaming in the holy home of wonder
Universe is holding you so deeply
Light of every sun you felt around you
Blessing bringing our own hearts of longing
Spirit sleeping in the arms of ages
Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Universe now dreaming you so deeply
Spirit shining,home within creation
Dreaming in eternal light of wonder
Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Spirit sleeping in the arms of angels
Gently rest . . .

Matthew was 21 years old when he was violently attacked and left for dead in Laramie, Wyoming, because he was openly gay.

His parents say they're "proud and relieved to have a final resting place for Matthew's ashes."

The religion of Antinous honors Matthew Shepard, who died at 12:53 am on Monday, October 12th, 1998, as a saint of Antinous.

He was brutally assaulted because he was gay, on the night of October 7, by two men who had lured him to a secluded place outside of Laramie Wyoming. 

His attackers tied him to a fence, beat him and left him for dead in the freezing cold. 

He was found the following evening by a cyclist. 

By the time help arrived, he had slipped into unconsciousness.

The death of Matthew Shepard awakened the world to the persecution that homosexuals have endured for centuries. His beauty, youth and innocence affected everyone, and spoke for the hundreds of others who in recent years have died similar deaths without being noticed.

Matthew Shepard is a Sacred and Holy Martyr of Homosexuality, he died an innocent because he was gay. He died a death that so many others have suffered, but his death changed the world.

He was 22 years old, very near the age of Antinous and, like Antinous, his beautiful face, humble origin, and tragic death have had a great impact on the future of homosexuality in our society.

We consecrate his memory and pray for him, that he will guide and protect us in our hour of danger, and bring an end to the violence and hatred that he suffered.


TWO decades after his brutal murder, Matthew Shepard was finally laid to rest at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on October 26.

Matthew was 21 years old when he was violently attacked and left for dead in Laramie, Wyoming, because he was openly gay.

His parents say they're "proud and relieved to have a final resting place for Matthew's ashes."

The religion of Antinous honors Matthew Shepard, who died at 12:53 am on Monday, October 12th, 1998, as a saint of Antinous.

He was brutally assaulted because he was gay, on the night of October 7, by two men who had lured him to a secluded place outside of Laramie Wyoming. 

His attackers tied him to a fence, beat him and left him for dead in the freezing cold. 

He was found the following evening by a cyclist. 

By the time help arrived, he had slipped into unconsciousness.

The death of Matthew Shepard awakened the world to the persecution that homosexuals have endured for centuries. His beauty, youth and innocence affected everyone, and spoke for the hundreds of others who in recent years have died similar deaths without being noticed.

Matthew Shepard is a Sacred and Holy Martyr of Homosexuality, he died an innocent because he was gay. He died a death that so many others have suffered, but his death changed the world.

He was 22 years old, very near the age of Antinous and, like Antinous, his beautiful face, humble origin, and tragic death have had a great impact on the future of homosexuality in our society.

We consecrate his memory and pray for him, that he will guide and protect us in our hour of danger, and bring an end to the violence and hatred that he suffered.

By Our Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

I go over this question again and again,
I haven't stopped wondering... and quite honestly,
I still don't know what to think...about how Antinous died.
Any possibility is probable...even Human sacrifice.
The ancients alluded to the anyone who repeats them being a scholar.

Dio Cassius suggested (or rather claimed) that Hadrian
Had the body of Antinous cut open for the examination of his organs,
Not to find the cause of death, as in an autopsy
But to examine the organs...for divination.
These were the organs of a god to be.

Horrible, and macabre
but why wouldn't Hadrian have every inch and morsel
Of his beloved Antinous examined and studied,
...Treated like sacred jewels from the depths
Of the most beautiful corpse?

I think we are all in agreement that,
The Body of Antinous was very likely Mummified.
That it was not buried in the a Greek of a Christian,
Nor laid in the tomb, covered in oil and herbs like a Jew
Nor burned on the a Roman,
But that Antinous was very likely given the burial rites
Of an Egyptian King...a fashion still popular
Among the rich Hellenistic- Roman Nobility.
We have all seen the fayoum funereal paintings.
If you could afford would be given the very best version
Of an ancient Egyptian Royal burial,
Your Body would be preserved to the very best of Mummification
Possible at that time...not quite as well as the ancients, but basically well preserved.

Hadrian, I imagine, paid top Sesterses
To have the Body of Antinous treated with the greatest and most sacred respect
Due the highest of kings
The best of the best were brought to Antinoopolis to Mummify the body of Antinous.
It seems very likely to think that the Roman Augurs,
Who were always part of the court, would want to examine
The organs of Antinous, before they were preserved in salt and nitron,
And gain whatever spiritual significance they might reveal, a sacrificial Animal.
Why wouldn't they want to know if there was anything to be known
From the lobes of his liver and spleen,
Ridiculous as it may sound to us now,
And scandalous as it might seem to a Roman...and especially to a Christian.
Why wouldn't they make their examination,
Before his beautiful organs were dried and placed in their eternal alabaster urns?
Hadrian would have wanted to know why.

Maybe the slander came from the fact that his organs were examined,
Like a sacrificial lamb, or a bull.
Many of the coins of Antinous have a bull or a ram on the reverse,
Perhaps because Antinous was the "Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world."
In slanderous minds...some would say
That he died..for no other reason than to be examined, though Hadrian slit his neck.

Antinous threw himself into the Nile...he died,
But even Hadrian had no idea why,
Hadrian only said that Antinous fell,
...if we are going to be scholars,
The ancient suggest that he drowned to prolong Hadrian's life,
Or rather...if Hadrian represents the Empire,
Then Antinous died for the benefit of the Roman Empire.
Dio Cassius, in his effort to belittle Hadrian,
Made the death of Antinous out to be a sacrifice to Hadrian's vanity,
But avoided the relevance of Hadrian's life to the benefit of all Romans.
If Antinous gave his life to prolong the life of Hadrian,
He was actually giving his human sacrifice,
To prolong the benefit that Hadrian had brought to mankind,
To the whole of the Roman Empire.
If it was suggested to Antinous that by the sacrifice
Of that which was most dear to Hadrian,
That Hadrian would continue to live beyond his natural years,
If Antinous Loved I feel that he did,
And if Antinous believed in Hadrian...what he meant to the world,
What he had done for Rome...for all mankind,
And what he could do in the future,
If someone were to suggest that through his own death,
Antinous could benefit Hadrian and ensure that Hadrian would continue to reign,
Do you think that Antinous would hesitate?

Of course he would hesitate.
There was more involved than we know,
Something happened...there was some kind of separation of the heart.
Antinous would have found some other way to benefit Hadrian,
With his living...unless there was no other way.
If Antinous gave his life as a human sacrifice,
It would have been a very extreme psychological despair
That led him to take his own life...what could that have been?

Knowing what I know about Love,
I would say that it was simple acts of cruelty
That led to the end of Antinous.
Hadrian must have treated Antinous in a cruel manner
leading up to that sacred night in October of 130.
Antinous must have felt worthless to Hadrian,
Ruler of the Known World,
Hadrian might have said something that pushed Antinous
Over the edge.

Antinous was only a boy of 18 or 19,
Full of emotional turmoil,
The slightest word from Hadrian
Might have set Antinous...full of teenage hormones,
into an unbalanced, irrational state,
in which he was capable of anything.

Their relationship had no equality,
Hadrian was ruler of the world,
Antinous was nobody...a pretty boy
With thousands of rivals, an Empress who probably didn't approve,
And a rival in Lucius Verus...Antinous was harassed
On all sides by everyone who had something to gain,
And then there was that person who suggested 
That if Antinous gave his life,
That the reign of Hadrian would continue.

Hadrian cried as woman because he knew the real reason why 
Antinous died...Hadrian knew...and he cried...because he knew.

There must have been a final moment between them,
A final goodbye....that left Hadrian full of regret,
Our Religion is founded on Hadrian's regret

I think Antinous drowned for his own personal reasons,
He fell into the Nile by accident,
Maybe he was drunk,
Maybe he was suicidal...drowning off a boat is
A hard way to kill your self on purpose,
But there are others who have slipped into the river
And drowned...who were considered gods.
Who knows...rivers have no answers.

In Antinous...I feel that he gave himself to the Nile
He gave himself to such an extent that he died,
Whether by accident.... drunk...or visionary,
Antinous died in the Nile...he drowned.

So why do we worship him?
because Antinous is the god of the gays
There is no other gay god except Antinous,
Find fault in H.I.M. if you wish,
But Antinous is great and strong....
For those who see and know HIM,
There is no such thing as weakness,
Nor strength.