Monday, March 15, 2021

By Novice Priest Adriaan van den Berg

Worshipers often ask us how to pray to Antinous. While there is no mandatory official prayer, Novice Priest Adriaan van den Berg suggests this prayer as an example:

Oh, Antinous, hear these words that speak our hearts & our minds -
Young Master of the hunt, help us to live bravely too, guide us to avoid the pitfalls and traps on this path of this life.

Slayer of beasts, help us vanquish the lion of all that vexes us and to avoid all that is grievous, painful and that will bring us harm as a hunter evades the abominable tusks of the boar.

Young Lover of Hadrian, you who knew love, guide us towards it, will you fill the unloved & loveless' hearts?

Faithful Companion, stay with us as we endure our plight, be with the broken, the outcast, those who struggle, with the lonely and with the forlorn.

Healer, tend to our sick, offer them reprieve from their suffering, place your hand upon their brows - you have healed for millennia, remain with us doing so & curb this blight amongst us now.

Our Master & Teacher, bless & assist your scattered followers, your Priests, scholars, scribes, artists & apprentices, our families & friends.

Liberator, guide & inspire those who worship & aspire to know thee - amidst darkness, help us to bring light, in the face of evil, marshall us to fight.

Antinoo-Osiris, you who stride different worlds, tend to our departed, afford them peace, vanquish our fears of the final transition, and when it is upon us, welcome us in your arms beyond.

Agatho Daemon to all of an afflicted, divided & conflicted humanity, us with our perilous, uncertain & muddled future... Grant us vision to see a new future, allow us possibilities.

Tireless Helper, we are grateful for all done in our interest & at our behest, for being able to pass our burdens to thee.

Let the star of Antinous continue to shine as our beacon of hope, may our recourse in thee be our certainty.

Ave Antinous!

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