Thursday, October 29, 2015


ON three continents tonight, adherents of Antinous took part via a Skype video call in a candlelight vigil in memory of Brazilian victims of homophobia.

The vigil coincided with the October 28 observance of the Death of Antinous on that date in the year 130 AD.

Worshipers in Brazil, Holland, Germany and both the East Coast and West Coast of the United States took part in the candlelight ceremonies.

At the Hollywood Temple of Antinous, the founder of the modern religion of Antinous, ANTONIUS SUBIA, related the true-life story of how Antinous drowned in the Nile at the end of October in the year 130 AD, and how Hadrian proclaimed him the last deity of the Classical Era.

Then Novice Priest DECO RIBEIRO, participating via Skype from São Paulo (photo below left), solemnly read out the 314 names of Brazilian LGBTIU victims of homophobic murders over the past 12 months ... and linked them to the tragic death of Antinous.

With a quavering voice, Deco paused from time to time to remark on individuals whose names were on the list. 

He spoke of the youngest homophobia victim ... a 13-year-old trans girl.

Then there was a 14-year-old straight schoolboy who was stoned to death by classmates ... because he had gay parents.

Sadly, 36 of the people on the list were listed as "Unidentified" either because their families had withheld their names out of shame ... or because they were street people whose identities were never determined by authorities.

Antonius noted that the list of 314 names represents only one nation ... and only one 12-month period. Countless thousands more suffer and are murdered on a daily basis around the world.

"These were people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Antonius said. "But it could have happened to any of us."

On October 28th we commemorate the death of Antinous and his descent into the Underworld.

"Antinous passes out of the world of the living tonight and enters the Underworld, where he hears the names of all these people and gathers them to him and embraces them and saves them from oblivion," Antonius told worshipers.

"I pray to Antinous to watch over them, now as his divine spirit sinks down into the place of the dead ... and when he returns, that he will bring for hope again, that these deaths will stop," Antonius said. "This is what I wish for."

On October 30th, another international Skype-relayed ceremony will be held celebrating the return of Antinous from the Underworld and the establishment of the city of ANTINOOPOLIS by Emperor Hadrian on that date in 130 AD.

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