Sunday, October 11, 2015


JUST when we thought we had seen everything ... here are Constellation of Antinous bed linens!

An online seller offers these midnight-blue bed sheets emblazoned with the famous "Antinous and Aquila" image from the 1687 celestial map by Johannes Hevelius ... the most famous image of the Constellation of Antinous.

The image is printed on 100 per cent polyester silk-like satin weave fabric with a high-resolution 3-D fabric printer.

The set includes one duvet comforter cover, a flat sheet and two pillow cases.

Comforter or insert is not included. 

Duvet cover and pillow cases are printed on both sides.

Fitted bottom sheets are also available on special advance order at additional cost.

The seller points out that these limited-edition bed linens are made-to-order, requiring two to 10 days before shipment. 

For information on pricing and sizes CLICK HERE

Remember that the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription on the Obelisk of Antinous says he sends healing visions to his followers as they slumber. Pleasant dreams!

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