Sunday, October 11, 2015


SOMETHING Wonderful just happened in the sky! A Nova Star was just discovered a few days ago in the constellation Aquila, which is part of what was once called constellation Antinous, where the sacred star appeared to announce that Antinous had become a god.

It is our general belief that the mysterious star was a Super Nova, visible with the naked eye. 

The last time a Super Nova occurred in Aquila was in 1999 when I decided to devote my life to Antinous ... I took the star as a sign that the time had come to re-found our once forgotten religion.

There have only been about three new stars in Aquila since, all of them too faint to be seen without telescopes. 

This is the fourth, and while unfortunately is it very dim, it is significant because, first of all its a NOVA IN AQUILA

Secondly because it has been Years since the last one ... maybe since 2009, Im not sure ... but thirdly, it is taking place just as we are about to enter the Sacred Nights of Antinous.

The New Star Represents change, a new era, and as there have been a number of signs lately of change lately, I think this is like a confirmation that something wonderful is about to happen.

I've been waiting for a Nova to occur for a long time now, and at last here it is.

The light of the New Star shine upon you all!
Ave Antinous!
Flamen Antinoalis

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