Sunday, June 28, 2015

By Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

Thank You
For letting me be alive today
Right here, Right now.
Thank You
For coming into my heart when I was small child
And showing me that I was gay,
Despite my protest and confusion.
Thank You
For letting me see and feel the full horror
Of the AIDS crisis when I was a teenage boy
Coming out of the closet into a world where being Gay 
Held the threat of a death sentence.
Thank you
For letting me know a few of the men and boys
Who died before there was treatment.
Thank you
For letting me see what the old gay world was like
Before it was cool to be gay.
For letting me see the transformation take place
And bear witness to the wonderful change.
Thank You
For telling me deep down inside my heart
That there was NOTHING more important than being Gay.
Thank You
For choosing me out of all the better people in the world
To be the first to show you how much I love you.
Thank You 
For all the people I know and love all over the world
Because of you
Thank You
For all the mistakes I have made along the way
Thank You
For all you have taught me about what it means
To be Alive...Right here, Right now
Thank You
For the Dawning of this New Age of Equality and Freedom
Which you always told me was coming!
Thank You 
For Being True to your word!

You Are the Fire that makes me Proud to be GAY!
Thank You

I Love You Antinous



  1. For an interesting historical novel on Antinous worship read "The Water Thief" by Ben Pastor

    1. Ben Pastor is one of our favourite authors and "The Water Thief" is superb. Thank you for reminding us to suggest it for summer time reading!