Friday, May 4, 2012

Beautiful God
Of Gay Spirituality
The Emperor has for all men
Founded a Doctrine in the Temple,
Antinous is Here, He rests in this place!
"His Face is Full of Grace
His Countenance is Beautiful
He has again been Raised to Life"

Our Religion is Devoted to the Restoration
Of the Ancient Roman Cult of Antinous the Gay God.
Veneration of Antinous is open to all.

The biggest and brightest Full Moon of the year occurs this weekend when ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is closest to the Earth. In honor of this celestial event, the Priests of Antinous are launching two new blogs in our continuing effort to glorify and honor ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD.

For continual updates on news headlines, archaeological discoveries as well as Roman Art and History plus all the holidays, festivities, ritual commemorations and public events pertaining to Antinous, be sure to subscribe to the TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD blog.

And for the "Weekly Sacred Astrology Forecast", check out our sister blog, ANTINOUS AND THE STARS:

Also be sure to keep updated on the go with our ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD Facebook page:

As always, as it has been since 2002, the online TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS website is the world's foremost source of information on ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD:

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