Wednesday, May 9, 2012

By Flamen Antinoalis Antonyus Subia

THERE is a musical revival movement going on right now,
Based upon the kind of music that was popular when I was a teenager in 1992,
Called "shoegazer"..the brief period of rock that preceded grunge.
Some of the recent bands are made up of people my own age, late 30's
Who have rediscovered our own sound,
but some of them are younger kids who are taking their inspiration from the sound of the era.
It seems as though there has been an explosion of new underground bands that have the "classical" sound just right.
One of my new favorites is this band called FLOWERS OF THE MOON!
These boys have the sound and the taste just right...and they aren't even signed to a label!
...I was listening to this song tonight, and I thought that I should show the card for this song,
When you hear a song that speaks of must reveal the truth.
This is another recent drawing of mine:
For me, this is the basis of Antinous Spirituality.

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