Friday, July 2, 2021

By Our Novice Priest Adriaan van den Berg

WHERE Where is the body of Antinous? 

Many will know these possibilities, but we'll touch upon them again and name the possible locations of the tomb and remains of Antinous, which is one of the most vexing questions in archaeology: 

First, Egypt, the city of Antinoopolis, in a temple or special tomb, or in a shaft and underground tomb sunk in the mountains above Antinopolis.

Next, the Antinoeion temple complex at Hadrian's villa at Tivoli near Rome. Could he have bern buried elsewhere, Bithynia maybe, Claudiopolis perhaps? Greece, in Athens which Hadrian had loved so? These are the possibilities.

It is interesting to contemplate the possibility of the tomb of Antinous being found. Who can lay claim to his remains? We are concerned - one scholar is searching in secret since he fears fundamentalist fanatics from other religions might attempt to destroy the remains.

Of course it might go to the academic institution which might have found it, or to a cooperating museum.

I can tell you this: I am confident Priests of Antinous dread the treatment of Antinous' remains as just another common exhibit ... they would like to take possession and take care of it, to venerate and adore it ritually & to bring it out and present it so others can do the same and so all may see on special feast days. 

And what I'm sure they would like to do is to cover the bones with gold and to keep anything else (e.g. if his organs are found in canopic jars), preserved in similar yet new vessels. 

At present we don't have a location where where future priests might keep the remains, but will find an appropriate place. What are your thoughts on these matters? 

Ave Antinous!
Adriaan van den Berg
Novice Priest of Antinous

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