Wednesday, October 5, 2016


A legend in his own time, this major gay artist is also a living Antinous.

Pop star and trend-setter ADAM LAMBERT has unveiled a gigantic new tattoo ... reaching down the left flank of his torso from nipple to hips ... a tattoo of Antinous!

The black-and-white design features the head of Antinous, whose busts and statues he undoubtedly saw during his recent vacation in Greece. (Image above: Sinuhe Adam Lambert by OlenaZ @olambertik)

He received the new skin art courtesy of Sang Bleu London tattoo artist Maxime Buchi.

As if the unmistakable face were not enough, Lambert posted on Instagram that it is indeed Antinous.

And he urged all his fans to "look him up" and find out who Antinous is and why the Most Great and Good Gay God is now a part of his own body forever.

Lambert's tattoo, therefore, is a proud symbol of his sexuality's gay spiritual heritage, one that moves past more traditional symbols like the rainbow flag.

He thus joins the ranks of generations of legendary gay artists ... NIJINSKY ... OSCAR WILDE ... WALT WHITMAN ... and countless other SAINTS OF ANTINOUS ... who courageously lived their sexuality through their artistry.

Many of those saints dedicated poems, political campaigns and performance art to Antinous.

The exquisite new tattoo is an expression of Adam's awareness of the Divine Spirit of Gayness which he embodies to millions upon millions of admirers.

This skin art goes far beneath the surface of his epidermis … straight to his heart.

He is innately aware of HOMOTHEOSIS … Gay-Man-Godliness-Becoming-the-Same.

Adam Lambert is a living incarnation of Antinous who knows how to live Homotheosis every single blessed day of his life ... which means living daily the Divine Spirit of Being Gay ... and who knows how to express this ineffable spirit through his artistry.

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  1. Lambert's a beautiful man in every way - happy to see your blog recognize that - much appreciated -