Sunday, February 22, 2015


IN celebration of LGBT History Month, the PETRIE MUSEUM in London is holding a special gay-related evening on February 26 when some of the museum's more explicit artefacts are the focus of attention.

The event, entitled "Objects of Desire," will offer an evening of discussion with artists, writers, academics and creatives, prominent in the LGBT community, each of whom has chosen an item from the collection because of the ways in which it connects with their own interests or informs their understanding of the desire in the ancient—and modern—world. 

Organiser and host for the evening, Egyptologist John J Johnston commented: “I’m very excited by the gathering of fascinating individuals I’ll be chatting to at the Petrie Museum this February.  

"In 2013 we held a similar event at the Petrie and it was enormously popular with both the audience and our contributors, so it seemed sensible to revisit the concept with different people and different objects," he said. 

"At the present time, I don’t know what they’ve each chosen, so I’m genuinely curious to see what the objects will be andwhat they’ll be saying about them in our on-stage discussions. On the last occasion, the evening was engaging, though-provoking and hugely entertaining. I think we can promise our audience a similarly thrilling event this year.”

The contributors include: David Bryher: Author of novels, short stories, and audio draamas “of and about things that are not real” Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman – UCL Research Associate in the Philosophy of ‘Race’Rob Eagle: Documentary filmmaker and director of Having a Gay Old Time: Voices of LGBT HistoryHamish Steele: Graphic novelist and author of Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian DeitiesProfessor Sharon Morris: Senior lecturer at the Slade School of Fine Art and award shortlisted poetMark O'Connell: Author of Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan, shortlisted for a Polari Award Geoff Slack: Film and television costume designer 

Tickets are £3 including booking fee and drinks and can be booked via

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