Friday, August 1, 2014


Antinous Our God
Enters Alexandria in triumph,
And so begins the end of his mortal life,
...The beginning of his Divine Eternity.

The Great King Hadrianus Augustus,
Lord of Both Upper and Lower Egypt,
Takes his throne in the greatest city of the ancient world,
With the beautiful Antinous by his side.

Our Hermes, the beautiful boy,
The gentle Antinous...our heart and soul.

May the joy and the splendor of Alexandria
Come again into our world...into each of our lives,
May we find a glimpse of what Antinous saw,
As he looked out over the ancient City of Alexander,
Founded by a God... a Gay God.

These moments that we commemorate were the greatest days
Of Antinous's short life...and also the beginning of the darkest,
Because it may have been here,
While visiting the Serapeum perhaps,
That Antinous was first noticed by the Egyptian Priests,
Who would perhaps plant the seeds of destruction 
In his tender heart.

The most glorious and the most sad of days.

Let your heart be with his time of need.

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