Sunday, February 7, 2016


A British artist is featuring Antinous and Hadrian in an exhibition of the most exquisitely remarkable sculptures for Gay History Month in February in Cornwall.

Contemporary gay artist Malcolm Lidbury's sculptures will be on view at the Open Studio Cornwall LGBT history project 2016 sculpture exhibition in Devon, Cornwall, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th Feb. 2016. Valentines weekend!

The CORNWALL FREE OPEN STUDIO LGBT History 2016 Exhibition consists of composite sculptures of mythical, religious and historical LGBT figures which (rightly or wrongly) are known, accredited or alluded to having same-sex relationships in their lifetimes/histories.

The artist also intends the sculptures as a metaphor.

Gay equality and protection in law may seem firmly cast, but the ebb and flow of LGBT history demonstrates the pendulum of homophobic prejudice has a nasty habit of swinging back. 

(Alexander & Hephaestion by Malcolm Lidbury left, Hadrian & Antinous at top.)

For example, one only has to think of very liberal attitude towards LGBT persons in Berlin in the early 1930s.

However within a few short years an estimated 100,000 LGBT persons had been rounded up and arrested, some 10,000 LGBT persons subsequently sent to the Nazi death camps by German police and judicial system. 

The Cornwall exhibition sculptures "look" like they are solidly cast in Bronze.  

In reality only a thin skin veneer of bronze patina paint covers up very fragile composite assemblage construction beneath.

The sculptures consist of armature maquette construction made of paper, foil, plastic, cardboard, wood, plasticine and found objects ... a brilliant metaphor for the fragility of LGBT rights and freedoms in our modern world!

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