Friday, August 9, 2019


WE priests of Antinous receive messages every day from worshipers who are grief-stricken. They have lost someone special, or else they have lost a job or have suffered the loss of home and property.

It is in times of loss that human beings turn to each other in search of a shoulder to cry on, even though we may feel guilty about "imposing" on the compassion of others.

(All of the Antinous-related paintings on this page are by our friend LINDA LARSON.)

So it is all the more surprising when others say they need to be needed in times of need.

For you see, when we experience something that causes us to feel shock and sadness, we may feel the urge to withdraw from life. It may seem like remaining withdrawn will keep us protected from the world.

But during these times it is important to reach out to those trusted and precious people who care about us the most. 

Even with our best information and reasoning, we never know when someone else’s experience or perspective can give us additional information that we need.

Antinous speaks to us through many channels, and when we open ourselves up to receive his messages, we also receive nurturing care from a loving partner in life's journey.

Grief is part of the human experience, and sharing our vulnerability is what creates truly close bonds in our relationships. 

Opening ourselves up in this way gets to the core of our being, past all of our defenses and prejudices. 

When life seems to crack the outer shell of our world, we are both raw and fresh at the same time. It is then that we discover who is truly willing to walk with us through life. 

We also see that some of those sent to us may not be the ones we expected to see. 

Regardless, we learn to trust in Antinous, in others, in our own strength and resilience, and in the wisdom of life itself.

Sharing grief allows us to ease our burden by letting someone else help carry it. 
We may feel guilty or selfish, as if we are unloading on someone who has their own challenges. 

Although, if we think about it, we know we would do the same for them, and their protests would seem pointless. 

Remember that not sharing feelings with others denies them the opportunity to feel needed. 

We may be the messenger sent by Antinous for their benefit, and it is on his mission that we have been sent. 

By sharing our hopes and fears, joys and pains with another person, we accept gifts of wisdom and loving care from Antinous himself. 

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