Tuesday, August 27, 2019


THIS chance only comes once in a lifetime!

LINDA LARSON, acclaimed artist who won the 4th Modern Games of Antinous, is putting the final touches on her new book MYTHOS: Queer Legends of Greek Gods and Heroes ... with 50 stunning illustrations. 

You can get a signed copy or an acknowledgement.

Here is the project in Linda's own words:

"Hello! My name is Linda Larson, and I’d like to invite you to participate in an important book  project specifically geared to the LGBT  community and our supporters. My first book, The CUPBEARERS: The Male Favorite in Antiquity, was funded through this site. 

"My new book, more than two years in the making, is called MYTHOS: Queer Legends of Greek Gods and Heroes. This is a collectible art book for LGBT youth and adults, and our straight supporters, interested in our heritage.

"Greek mythology was once the religion of an extraordinary culture-one whose ingenuity and superior intellect forged the foundations of the Western World. The ancient Greeks believed the gods played a major role in the lives of mortals, and their myths were used to explain every-day life.

"While Greek myths remain popular, many stories of same-sex love among the gods and heroes have been ignored or dismissed. Greek mythology, as well as Greek history, has fallen prey to 'straight-washing'; 1. a reinterpreting, or outright denial of same-sex love in spite of the presented facts. MYTHOS is a collection of stories about male lovers in Greek mythology. Some of the lovers, such as Zeus and Ganymede, are well-known. Others, like Hermes and Amphion, and Theseus and Pirithous are more obscure.

"Many people find history a tedious trial of facts and dates. No matter how interesting a subject may be, it’s easy to lose a reader’s interest. I have always loved illustrated books, and like Jeopardy! star James Holzhauer, who used children’s books to amass his amazing knowledge, I’ve found illustrated stories to be a concise and entertaining way to learn. MYTHOS is a focused segment of a much broader subject depicting the stories of male lovers in Greek mythology through narrative and more than 50 full-color illustrations."

CLICK HERE here to find out how you can pre-order with your contribution ... or contact her directly at LLRAY01@aol.com.

Linda says: "Please help me to make my small contribution to re-envisioning LGBT history by supporting this project."

More images below:

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  1. Actually better to contact me at lrayart1@gmail.com. Hardly ever look at that AOL, lol. Linda