Sunday, November 30, 2014


"THE most salient feature about Antinous, and the thing that makes our religion different from others, is that Antinous was a mortal human being who actually lived," said Antonius Subia in a global Skype link-up this weekend celebrating the birthday of Antinous.

Speaking from the Hollywood Temple of Antinous to celebrants taking part from across the United States, Europe and as far away as New Zealand, he noted that we know his birth date ... 27 November ... and we know what he looked like from countless statues.

"He was a human being just like you or me," Flamen Antonius said. "He was not some ray of light of divine perfection. He was a person with faults and failings just like any of us. And yet he became the last deity of the Classical era ... we know he lived ... and we know he became a god."

Joining ceremonies from Germany via Skype, Priest Hernestus offered a reading from MARTIN CAMPBELL's brilliant new historical novel about the life of Antinous entitled, THE LOVE GOD, which has just been published to critical acclaim. 

The passage described the mountainous woodlands of Bithynia (modern Turkey) where Antinous was born in the year 111 AD. 

The other highlight of the evening was the premiere of a new video by Priest Uendi illustrating a rarely mentioned poem about Antinous. It was written 100 years ago by ALAN SEEGER and describes Antinous as a shepherd youth in the hills of Bithynia.

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