Thursday, November 13, 2014


ANTINOUS wears many hats … the winged hat of Mercury … the grape wreath of Dionysus/Bacchus … and one of them is the warrior's helmet of Mars.

Today is the day to put on the war helmet of Antinous/Mars yourself and discover your inner wellspring of self-assertiveness and self-confidence.

This is the most explosive week of the year when Mars aligns in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn before squaring off against Uranus on Thursday … there might literally be explosions or at least volcanic eruptions when the warrior god teams up with the lord of the underworld and is at odds with unpredictable Uranus. 

Pent-up anger bursts out into all-out armed conflict. 

This is a classic textbook recipe for terrorist attacks. It definitely spells trouble for the world's hot spots such as the Mideast and the Ukraine. And it does not bode well for the Ebola outbreak either. 

On the personal level, you need to be on guard for outbursts of rage. The important thing is to be aware where your rage is coming from. 

Don't vent your rage on innocent victims. Instead, be consciously aware of the source of your anger so that you can harness the powerful energies of Mars/Pluto/Uranus to carry out constructive projects you have been stalling on for way too long. 

Each of us has Mars energy within us. Mars is located in the astrological birth chart of each of us, and his position determines how we deal with self-confidence and self-assertion.

It is very hard for most LGBTIU people to muster up self-confidence and self-assertiveness. If we speak up or assert ourselves, we think we are being aggressive and nasty. We are used to being nice, good, well-behaved people.

We tend to repress our "Mars Energy" and try to ignore it. But Mars is in the natal horoscope of every person on this planet -- even nice, good, well-behaved gay boys like us. A certain amount of self-confidence and self-assertiveness is very healthy and good for us.If we try to repress this gods-given natal energy, then the aggression turns inwards. 

The energy has to go somewhere, so it will revert back into our souls and destroy us unless we understand how to harness it and channel it into constructive avenues.

Transforming fear into strength is the hardest task any human being faces.

Mars energies are always tricky and potentially dangerous.

You must learn to harness it and channel it into constructive courses.

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