Wednesday, April 2, 2014


THIS has been one of the most exciting archaeological seasons in 90 years in Egypt ... and yet another tomb has been unearthed in the Sacred City of Abydos ... location of the fabled Tomb of Osiris.

The tomb, dating back 3,300 years, boasted a pyramid 7 meters (23 feet) high at its entrance, archaeologists say.

Within one of its vaulted burial chambers, a team of archaeologists found a finely crafted sandstone sarcophagus, painted red, which was created for a scribe named Horemheb.

The sarcophagus has images of several Egyptian gods on it and hieroglyphic inscriptions recording spells from the Book of the Dead that helped one enter the afterlife.

There is no mummy in the sarcophagus, and the tomb was ransacked at least twice in antiquity. 

Human remains survived the ransacking, however. 

Archaeologists found disarticulated skeletal remains from three to four men, 10 to 12 women and at least two children in the tomb. 

Abydos is special because many important people wanted to have at least a symbolic tomb there … near the legendary Tomb of Osiris.

Even if their mummies were actually buried elsewhere, they wanted to have a token tomb in Abydos as well.

Earlier in this spectacular archaeological season, the tomb of a FORGOTTEN PHARAOH was found at Abydos.

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