Monday, November 8, 2021


By Novice Priest Adriaan van den Berg

WE  can say Antinous is a god several times over, his divinity is something we can be certain of: First, by the Nile tradition whereby those who drown in the Nile acquire godliness (involving the gods Hapi, Osiris, Anubis and Persephone).

Secondly by these gods along with Thoth, Ra-Herakhte & Horus, divinity was granted to Antinous since they were the gods who Antinous and Hadrian were encountering, whose priests they were engaged with and whose temples they visited at the time and we know they were deeply immersed in Egyptian religion and esoteric traditions.

But these are gods Hadrian had most likely appealed to and whose priests he might have asked to convey his appeals for Antinous to be deified.

Thirdly, if there is a Supreme Almighty Creator God as so many are convinced there is and by whose dispensation even other gods exist, that I believe God heard Hadrian's cry and granted Antinous divinity also (filling Antinous with his seed as the Obelisk Text states) - making Antinous the Son of the God, Beloved of the Creator.

Fourthly, Antinous gained godliness through the rights and powers of the ancient Imperial Cult when Hadrian used his prerogative to deify worthy people to do so for his departed companion, Antinous. 

But in the fifth instance by our believers' prayers and appeals for and to Antinous' divinity, by our belief in my him, Antinous acquired godliness ... as an ancient god of healing and oracles and as a modern godly spirit of sacred sexuality and of homosexuality eternally. 

There could have been intimations of his coming divinity in his young life already.

But today we look back and we can see his multifaceted rise to become Our Beloved God Antinous clearly ... a deity unlike any other, ancient and modern, always the helper of humanity, the god whose godliness can and should not be denied, a god many times over, eternally mutable, forever changing yet also in perpetuity retaining an essence, managing to be something particular to or specific for every believer, who he is determined by our needs, the god who is an intimate and sincere and sublime friend, the god whose godliness became a gift and a blessing to humanity, old god, young god, beloved of god, Antinoo.

Ave Antinous!

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