Friday, May 13, 2016


THE world's tallest statue of Venus/Aphrodite is rising in San Francisco.

British-born, Australian-raised artist Lawrence Argent is making his monumental mark in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood with his latest sculpture, the 28-meter (92-foot) Venus. 

Currently being installed, the polished stainless-steel work will rise almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty, making it the City by the Bay's tallest statue and the world's tallest statue of Venus. 

Inspired by the ancient Venus de Milo, which is housed at the Louvre, the new public art work is a swirling, tornado-shaped modern rendition of the Greek masterpiece. 

It was constructed in China and shipped to the U.S. in 70 pieces.

Once assembled, the steel Venus and its concrete base will weigh 50 tons. 

Longtime San Francisco developer Angelo Sangiacomo, who passed away last winter, commissioned the towering piece as the central feature for the art-filled public plaza, C'era Una Volta, at his final residential complex.

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