Saturday, July 18, 2015


IN serene yet nonetheless joyful ceremonies Friday evening, the Hollywood Temple of Antinous commemorated the death and apotheosis of Emperor Hadrian.

Though solemn, the participants ... who included worshipers in South America and Europe via Skype ... were also joyful over the unveiling of a superb mid-20th Century porcelain bust of Hadrian.

The bust was ritually consecrated by Flamen Antonius Subia as the highlight of the ceremonies held in the Hollywood Hills overlooking the twinkling lights of Tinseltown.

Hadrian died in agony following a long illness and eight years of mourning for the loss of his beloved Antinous. 

His death came at Baiae on the Bay of Naples on 10th July in the year 138 AD.

The photo shows Antonius wearing his hand-crafted Antinous Prayer Beads and holding a Scroll of Sacred Texts. Behind him are Priest Uendi and Knight Stephanos.

Antonius reminded worshipers that we have Hadrian to thank for deifying Antinous and for issuing the command to establish the religion of Antinous throughout the world. 

It is our duty to fulfill that command, he noted.

In a funerary prayer, Antonius called upon Hadrian and Antinous to help us to carry out that imperial commission.

"We call upon you to advance the cause of marriage equality in all nations of the Earth," Antonius said.

"And we call upon you to end the suffering and deaths caused by homophobia throughout the world.

"We also call upon you to bless all those who have died of AIDS and to help us find a speedy cure to this scourge," Antonius said.

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