Thursday, January 21, 2021


OUR Father Jupiter descended upon the slopes of Mt. Ida in the form of an eagle and carried away Ganymede, the beautiful young prince of Troy, ravaging him, and elevating him to live among the immortals.

At the table of the Olympian gods, Jupiter installed his Ganymede as the divine cup-bearer who pours out nectar-wine from the cup of eternal life.

This love affair between the Phrygian prince and the Father of the Gods is a divine parallel of the love between Antinous and Hadrian.

Ganymede is the emblem of the coming Age of Aquarius, when peace and love will rule the hearts of all men.

On this day, the beginning of the sign of Aquarius, we observe the deification of Antinous as having made union with the Thunderbird-Phoenix-Eagle, and having been elevated to reign among the immortals in the manner of Ganymede. And we pray for the hastening of the coming age.

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  1. Prince Ganymede is raped by Jove.
    Jove is the funder of all institutions.
    Youth are abused everywere but mostly in institutions.
    Athena Partehnos is against Jove :
    She want to unthrown him to be the queen of the sky.
    It is the oracle of Ouranos before birth of Athena the sophia.
    Ganymede will kill Jove.
    There is a plot at Olympus.
    Goddess Athena, Ganymede and some other gods wants to kill the Tyrant.
    At what side are you ?
    Zeus ?
    Ganymede ?
    I know more of esoteric connections of this mystery.