Monday, October 19, 2020


you can now buy a replica of the British Museum's famous Townley bust of Antinous for your own home in marble-like stone or in bronze. The original is on display in the Museum, in Room 70, in the Ancient Greece and Rome section. This replica has been created by ThinkSee3D, experts in 3D digital heritage in Britain.

The MARBLE REPLICA was developed from a 3-D scan but digitally improved, 3-D printed and moulded. It is sold as a cast in a composite containing some real marble, gypsum and resin. Size: 25cm tall, 2.5kg. It costs £180 (about $230).

The BRONZE MODEL is derived from a 3-D scan but digitally improved moulded, cast in wax then investment cast in bronze. 

This reinterpreting of the Townley bust (in this case by changing materials not form) makes this a unique and rare object that will itself last for thousands of years. 

The bronze model is made to order, so please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery. Size: 25cm tall, 4.25kg. It costs £960 (just over $1,000).

To create a replica, ThinkSee3D takes the British Museum Digital Team's scans of artefacts on display in the Museum's galleries and produces 3D prints from which moulds are made.

These moulds are then used for production of the replicas which are cast using traditional techniques and finished by British artists.

Both busts are available via global delivery service and many have already been sent to Europe, Australia, India and the US. The cost of shipping is calculated when you order depending on your location.  Payment is via credit card (via Stripe) or Paypal (which most people use).

CLICK HERE for the full range of other sculptures from ThinkSee3d!


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