Tuesday, April 4, 2017


THE ruins of a 13th Dynasty pyramid have been discovered by an Egyptian archaeological mission working in an area to the north of King Senefru's Bent Pyramid (photo above) in the Dahshur Necropolis ... midway between Gizeh and Antinoopolis.

The surprise discovery of a "new" and hitherto unknown pyramid proves that the sands of Egypt still hold many unknown treasures ... perhaps even the "Lost Tomb of Antinous."

Mahmoud Afifi, the head of the ancient Egyptian antiquities sector at the antiquities ministry, announced the find.

He added that the ruins are in a very good condition and further excavation will take place to reveal more of the structure.

Adel Okasha, director general of the Dahshur Necropolis, explained that the portion of the pyramid uncovered so far shows a part of its inner structure.

This structure is composed of a corridor leading to the inside of the pyramid and a hall that leads to a southern ramp, as well as a room at the western end, he said.

An alabaster block measuring 15 cm by 17 cm was also found in the corridor, engraved with 10 vertical hieroglyphic lines that are still being studied.

A granite lintel and a collection of stoney blocks showing the interior design of the pyramid have also been uncovered.

Further studies will be conducted to identify the owner of the pyramid and the kingdom two which it belongs.

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