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I have found the most amazing thing...a Spanish play about Antinous called "El Ultimo Dios" from  1994.
The Last God...and I love it!
This is how Hadrian and Sabina should sound...dramatic!

I'm all right with the Antinous,
Hadrian is good...I don't buy the last scene, but it seems like its all about Chabrias not Hadrian
I love Chabrias, Hadrian's servant, who seems like he might have been Antinous's tutor in this play,
Chabrias turns out to be madly in love with Antinous...his speeches are the best of all from our point of view,
Because he is MADLY in love with Antinous...we are Chabrias.
The videos here are not the complete play...starts suddenly, picks up a few mostly monologues
Sabina is quite the loud-mouth ferocious Latina bitch...I love her...this is how I want Sabina to be,
(although I don't think she was really all that jealous and concerned about Antinous)
The Antinous is Dead scene is great...and then Hadrian makes a long speech about death
During the Antinous is Dead scene there is this haunting music, which is the Priests singing to Osiris,
earlier Hadrian orders this to be done...and then of course they start just when Antinous dies.

Sabina freaks out and says...can't you tell those priests to shut up!
Chabrias says that they are singing about how life triumphs eternally over death.
That is when Sabina realizes that Chabrias is in love with Antinous...she laughs at the irony,
Then she screams at Antinous...'Why did you throw yourself in the river when when the whole world loves you!!!"
That is one of my favorite lines.

But the priests singing in the background is also very great, very haunting, very beautiful.
This is the "Secuencia de la Muerte de Antinoo"
5)you don't need to understand Spanish to know what's going on.
The beginning...Hadrian and Antinous play and then fight...Antinous feels that Hadrian doesn't really love him anymore:

2)Hadrian wants to travel more after Egypt, Sabina wants to go back to Rome...Hadrian says, whereever I am That's where Rome is...Sabina freaks out and tells that she only wants him to love her, or at least some compassion...and not the Greek boy...I love Sabina in this scene, she is hilarious, like a savage animal...I love her!

3) More Sabina being a loud-mouthed crazy favorite line here is where she says that when Antinous appeared, it was as if all happiness escaped her, like the life-force that drains from an open vein...

4) Not sure where this falls in the sequence, or exactly what has happened, but it seems that Chabrias has gone too far, touched Antinous in a way he was not permitted, or somehow revealed his feelings in a way that he knows is a betrayal of Hadrian, but he cannot help himself...he is COMPLETELY in is a beautiful speech about burning passion that cannot be denied that destroys from within, he begs forgiveness...and talks about how only Hadrian will live on in history, whereas all our lives will be forgotten...he begs Hadrian to cut his hands off of him so that he will never touch him again, just don't separate him and all he wants is to see Him run through the palace, or hear him play with the slaves...I love this speech!

6) Last Speech of Hadrian

This is great stuff!
One day they are going to make an English language movie about Hadrian and Antinous, and I guarantee that it will not be like this,
Sabina will be a prudish, Victorian woman from Downton Abbey with a cold vagina,
Hadrian will be like all British portrayals of a cross between General Montgomery and 007
Antinous is going to be blonde...(I'm sure it could get worse...but this would be too much to endure!)
So for now...we can enjoy this Hispanic...ultra dramatic Hadrian and Antinous...with a whole lot of Sabina.
I love the music!

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