Thursday, June 6, 2013



THIS video with a running narration by Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Bernard Frischer provides brilliant insights into Hadrian's Villa as an earthly model of the cosmos.

Dr. Harris, a co-founder of Smarthistory, joins Dr. Frischer on a virtual tour which starts with the Emperor standing in the portals of the ANTINOEION, the Mortuary Temple to Antinous.

Dr. Frischer is a leading digital humanist and the author of seven printed books, three e-books, and dozens of articles on virtual heritage, Classics, and the survival of the Classical world. He is the founding editor of Digital Applications to Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, the world's first peer-reviewed, online journal where scientists can publish interactive 3D models. Click here for links to his web sites, videos, online interviews, and online publications.

He has been Professor of Art History and Classics at the University of Virginia, where he is also Director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory, whose mission is to apply 3D digital tools to simulating cultural heritage artifacts and sites as heuristic instruments of discovery. 

He is founding director of the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory, one of the first in the world to use 3D computer modeling to reconstruct cultural heritage sites. 

Frischer has overseen many significant modeling projects, including "Rome Reborn," the virtual recreation of the entire city of ancient Rome within the Aurelian Walls. 

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