Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Deification of Antinous

October 30th, Year of Antinous 1882 (2012)

In the year 130 of the Present Era
During the 13th year of the Reign of
Our Divine Emperor Hadrian Augustus,
In the 270th Olympiad,
884 years after the Foundation of Rome,
1882 years ago, in Egypt , on the River Nile,
Near the ancient city of Hermopolis ,
At a bend in the river called Hir-Wer,
Antinous Fell into the Nile and Drowned.
The Egyptian priests were the first to declare
That Antinous had become a God.
So it was that on this day, October 30th
Of the year One Hundred Thirty
Hadrian founded the Holy City of Antinoopolis
As Pontifex Maximus...our Divine Emperor Hadrian Issued a Sacred Proclamation
To the Senate and to the People of Rome
That Antinous had arisen to the Order of the Gods.
Hadrian decreed that Temples and Sanctuaries
Should be erected throughout the Roman world,
And that Statues and Images should be crafted
In the beautiful likeness of Antinous the God.
Hadrian inaugurated a New Religion
And New Priesthood
To serve and perpetuate the Veneration of Antinous,
So that his memory will endure for all eternity.
Sacred Games of Antinous were celebrated
In honor of Antinous the Hero.
Hadrian declared that a new star
Had come into being for the very first time
Which was the Spirit of Antinous
Taking his place among the Celestial Beings
A new constellation was drawn,
Which was named for Antinous of the Heavens.
In Honor of the New God Osiris-Antinous
The Nile miraculously inundated the sacred banks
And flooded the fields of upper and lower Egypt!
This is the True History of Antinous the God
Who lived and died and was deified.
For whom a Sacred City and Temple
Were raised in the desert of Egypt ,
Antinous the God of the Gays
For whom a Sacred Cultus has been proclaimed.
On these Sacred Nights,
We who believe and exalt in Antinousv Renew our devotion and faith in HIM.
Our god was a living human being
Born in the ancient province of Bithynia
Antinous was the Favorite and Beloved of Hadrian,
Together they hunted the Mauritanian Lion.
While traveling through Egypt
Antinous fell into the Nile and drowned,
He entered the sacred water as a boy
And descended to the Kingdom of the Underworld
Where he stood before the gods who rule over the dead.
And was transfigured by the mystery of Homotheosis.
Antinous arose from the sacred water as a god.
On This Sacred Night,
We exalt in the Deification of Antinous the God
Who ascended to take his place in the celestial sphere
Among the never-ending stars, for all eternity,
Through whose death and deification
The salvation of all his people was accomplished.v On This Sacred Night we commemorate the Foundation
Of the Sacred City of Antinoopolis
And we celebrate the 10 year anniversary
Of Ecclesia Antinoi.
We ask that Antinous watch over his people
And that he confer upon us his sacred blessing
And that he open our hearts to the power of Homotheosis
This is the foundation upon which
The Cult of Antinous stands,
In these truths we place our faith,
That the memory of Antinous
Shall endure for all Eternity.

Flamen Antinoalis

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