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I found this ancient reference to Antinous, from an ancient christian, which of course is insulting to Antinous...

Strange how the most insulting words from a broken religion
are so harsh about our god...and yet we can say the same about their god.

....Any sensible person  will now laugh.


Theophilus of Antioch (115-181)
To Autolycus
Translated by Marcus Dods

Book III
Chapter 8

For, denying that there are gods, they again acknowledge their existence, and they said they committed grossly wicked deeds. 

And, first, of Jove the poets euphoniously sing the wicked actions. And Chrysippus, who talked a deal of nonsense, is he not found publishing that Juno had the foulest intercourse with Jupiter? For why should I recount the impurities of the so-called mother of the gods, or of Jupiter Latiaris thirsting for human blood, or the castrated Attis; or of Jupiter, surnamed Tragedian, and how he defiled himself, as they say, and now is worshipped among the Romans as a god?  

I am silent about the temples of ANTINOUS, and of the others whom you call gods. For when related to sensible persons, they excite laughter. 
They who elaborated such a philosophy regarding either the non-existence of God, or promiscuous intercourse and beastly concubinage, are themselves condemned by their own teachings. Moreover, we find from the writings they composed that the eating of human flesh was received among them; and they record that those whom they honour as gods were the first to do these things.

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