Thursday, October 4, 2012


LATELY I've been seeing Antinous in a Mcdonald's commercial on TV,
I keep trying to record the commercial, but it catches me unexpected
and then they don't play it again for hours and hours,
I sit there watching some ridiculous program with my finger on the record button...and nothing!
...Antinous only appears for like a lines, just sitting at the table,
But that's enough to wait there for hours like a duck hunter with my finger on the trigger.

Antinous is this super hot latino actor/model from East L.A. whom I am totally infatuated with.
He lives here in Hollywood so, from time to time, I see his picture in storefronts or on billboards,
and let me just say that to encounter him is honestly
Like stumbling upon a Magnificent Living Image of ANTINOUS,
So while I did not find the Mcdonalds comercial online as I had hoped,
instead I found something so much better...this totally excellent Nescafe commercial
with my Living-Antinous model acting very erotic about his cup of coffee,
they say his name is Antonio...and from there it just gets better and better, and hotter and hotter
This is my favorite comercial of all time now.

The Living-Antinous and his cup of coffee.


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