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ANTINOUS is the Lord of Lost Boys, having died so tragically at such a young age himself. Antinous Wanders with Wild Boys and is the Protector of Sensitive Souls who seek to elude the harsh rigors of this earthly existence.

Antinous is the God of youths such as the "Forest Boy" — dubbed the "Waldjunge" by the German tabloids an English-speaking teenager who showed up in Berlin last year saying he had been living in forests for five years. He was the biggest sensation since the mysterious "Piano Man" back in 2005 who showed up on the shores of England, clutching a music manuscript and unable to say who he was.

The 17-year-old, who turned up at Berlin's city hall, said he had been walking for two weeks but had no idea who he was or where he was from.
He told officers that he and his father moved to the forest about five years ago following the death of his mother and had lived off the land since, sleeping in a tent and remote huts.
He said his father had also died recently and that he had buried him in a shallow grave before setting off to find help. But he said he cannot remember where he buried his father.
Detectives said the teenager, who gave his name as Ray, spoke a little German, but his first language appeared to be English.
He was able to tell officers his name and his date of birth, but claimed not to remember either of his parents' names or anything of his life before he entered the forest.
Despite being dishevelled, he was described as being fit and healthy and showing no signs of malnourishment or abuse.
In Germany, a country where EVERY person has identity papers, it is almost inconceivable that a teenager could be totally "undocumented."
Most European countries have ironclad bureaucratic regulations requiring people to be registered with the police, with tax authorities, health insurance authorities, and all sorts of local, state and federal agencies. You can't get a job or buy a car or rent an apartment without presenting all sorts of documents proving you exist.

In Britain and other English-speaking countries, of course, there are no identity papers. Americans use driver's licenses for identification. But in Europe EVERY body has ID papers.

So the authorities in Germany were stumped — basically, his existence was impossible. He did't show up on bureaucratic radar. He was a non-entity.

Either he was the most cunning fraudster ever — or there was a very great mystery concerning him — almost as if he was a being from a distant star who has fallen to Earth, like some old David Bowie movie.
Until now, German authorities had issued only a computer composite rendering of the Forest Boy (top left) since, under German law, minors cannot be identified in police investigations. But in desperation, they finally released a photo (above right) this week and it was published throughout Europe — and within hours the case was solved.

He is Robin Van Helsum, a 20-year old from Hengelo in the Netherlands who was reported missing by his family last September, just days before he turned up in Berlin with his incredible story.

"He has admitted that he is a fraud," Thomas Neuendorf of the Berlin Police told THE DAILY TELEGRAPH.

School friends contacted Dutch police after recognising him from the photograph and his stepmother, seemingly his only family, was contacted to confirm it.

"We went to him with the new information this morning and he said: 'OK, you got me — I am Robin and I made the whole story up," Mr Neuendorf said on Friday.

He is the biggest sensation since the mysterious "Piano Man" (photo left) back in 2005 who showed up on the shores of England, clutching a music manuscript and unable to say who he was.

He turned out to be a young man who was trying to escape a horrible father in a village in Bavaria.

German authorities finally tracked down the identity of the "Piano Man" and pronounced the case closed because they found his identity papers. 

Now German authorities — who cannot conceive of anything existing outside of bureaucratic documentation — have an identity for the "Forest Boy." Ray/Robin has a name, but they still insist that he is delusional.

Only Antinous knows for sure — and he isn't telling!

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