Sunday, July 17, 2022


ANTINOUS skin art is popular among many modern-day worshipers of the Most Great and God God.

Thousands of people want a relationship with Antinous which ... literally ... goes under the skin.

The most famous celebrity with an Antinous tattoo is ADAM LAMBERT, who has called on all of his fans to learn all they can about Antinous. 

The tattoo, which reaches from nipple to hips down the left flank of his torso, features a bust similar to ones he saw on a trip to Greece.

Adam Lambert says he is "obsessed" with Antinous.

He told an interviewer recently: "I have a tattoo of Antinous, Emperor Hadrian’s lover, on my ribs. It was a very public relationship and they travelled around together until Antinous died. They were like the early gay power couple!"

The tattoo at the top of this page is on the arm of PRIEST MICHAELUS, who says he wanted to have Antinous a permanent part of him. Michaelus explains: 

"I had my first tattoo when I turned 50. It was a wolf with claw marks. I thought, since I loved werewolves, this was very fitting. That was 2006. 

"In 2007 I had been a follower of Antinous for some time and I know my next tattoo, or several, would be devoted to him. 

And what better way to show my faith ... especially living in the bible belt. 

"I went to my tattoo artist, whom I knew is Native American Inuit. She had several tattoos showing symbols of her people. I told her I wanted Antinous' name first and whatever way she thought it would look best. 

"I knew she was a spiritual person and that what she designed would be just right. She free-handed it on my arm and it looked amazing. 

"My next tattoos was an Antinous design by ANTONIUS SUBIA which showed Antinous riding a lion. It is on my right shoulder (above right).

"I then wanted to have Antinous name in hieroglyphics which says 'Antinous the Beautiful God.' This is on my right forearm and right beside that on my wrist is a red lotus again free-handed by my artist. 

"Lastly on the top of my right hand is my symbol or sigil for my Antinous Priestly name which is Michaelus (Latinize of Michael) Lucian (meaning light), Marius (Mars), Aquila (after the first Priest of Antinous).

"I have had many people ask about the name tattooed on my right arm which is Antinous. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to tell others about my God Antinous."

Below are several more skin art designs proudly worn by adherents of Antinous:

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