Friday, July 8, 2022


WE have a new Antinous bust! The Torlonia Marbles are being displayed for the first time in 50 years in Italy and among them is a new bust of Antinous...not exactly new, its been in storage for decades, but it is new for us!

It shows Antinous as Bacchus wearing a goat skin and on his head that mysterious box-crown that we aren’t entirely sure what its function was but we suspect it may have held a feather adornment or maybe a lotus flower.

There is always another Antinous out there in hiding waiting to be revealed, his mystery never stops unfolding around us!

The Antinous bust, along with an equally stunning bust of Hadrian, are highlights of the Torlonia Marbles, which went on exhibit in 2020-21 at the Capitoline Museum before going on exhibit at the Gallerie d'Italia in Milan May-September 2022.

The Milan exhibition comprises more than 90 pieces from the revered "collection of collections" which had been hidden away for decades before it was presented to the public in Rome in October 2020.

Considered among the world's most important private collections of Greek-Roman classical art, the Torlonia Collection comprises a total of 620 pieces.

Amassed between the 15th- and 19th centuries by the aristocratic Torlonia family, the collection includes marble, bronze and alabaster statues, busts, bas-reliefs and sarcophagi dating to the ancient Roman era.

The exhibition of the Torlonia works is due to embark on a world tour whose program is still being defined, reports news agency ANSA.

There is also a long-term plan to house the collection in a new Rome museum, possibly in a previously neglected Renaissance palace near the Colosseum, currently under restoration.

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