Monday, July 15, 2019


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY'S installment on The Heart of Antinous is JOY.

We all know joy. It comes in many forms. It could be around friends or family. It could be visiting a particular place. A cool breeze blowing on your skin, the joy that a pet or being around animals brings or maybe just being alone.

First Antinous was human a real person. He would have experienced all of these at one time or another. These are all outward experiences that bring joy.

What of the Joy of the Heart?

What is it about Antinous that brings you joy? Is it his beauty or might it be the love story of he and Hadrian?

What do you think brings joy to Antinous' heart now?

I believe it is us. Those who love him.

After his cult was destroyed by Christians those that love and believe in Antinous were a small lot. Not until this century did his Cultus return.

Antinous saw the love that a certain young man had for him, so Antinous impressed upon the heart of this young man (Antonius Subia above) in El Paso Texas.

And because of that interaction and Antinous appearing to this young man that we are so fortunate to have what we do today. A new Cultus, a religion to worship Antinous. 

This religion now spreads over the entire globe. This is what brings JOY to the Heart of Antinous. 

So, when you look into the mirror and those eyes looking back at you there is joy for those eyes looking back are the eyes of Antinous through Homotheosis. 


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