Saturday, July 13, 2019


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY we are looking at part two on the Heart of Antinous as a SON

9. Keep a sense of humor.

Laughter can always be a lifesaver — both to help you handle the stress of dealing with sometimes crotchety individuals and to help you bond. If you can laugh together with your parents, you’re doing okay.
I would imagine that Antinous and Hadrian had a many good laughs together. Imagine Hadrian watching Antinous perform some task and can’t just get it right Hadrian would have been ticked just watching. 
So, we will stop here for today. I hope I have given you some things to think about. Tomorrow we will be part two. 
10. Attend family gatherings and engage.

Of course, it was probably an obligation that Antinous attend that many functions with Hadrian. I don’t think here that Antinous was glued to Hadrian’s side that Antinous would be able to hold his own in conversation. 
11. Learn to make your own decisions.
Hadrian would have given Antinous some lead way in making decisions that affected his education, and training.

12. Be grateful.
Antinous would have known the position he was placed in was like no other. I am sure he thanked his Gods for all the time. And not only his Gods but the Emperor as well.

13. Be kind.
 There is strength in being gentle. Hadrian would have witness this with Antinous. Whether it was with animals or people. 
14. Give.

I believe that Antinous had the heart of a giver. The greatest gift Antinous gave was his life for Hadrian.
A selfish child will not win the respect of their parents; most people secretly hate those who are selfish or self-centered. Be a giving son — you should help, you should support, and you should try to help others succeed and achieve, but you should also expect respect in return.
15. Be cheerful.

I am sure that many times Antinous had to cheer Hadrian up due to the burden of running an empire. Antinous would have known the signs, looks, attitudes that Hadrian was displaying knowing the right time to cheer up the Emperor. 
16. Do not judge.

Hadrian would have made some major decisions that only he knows why he had to make them. Antinous was in a position not to judge Hadrian. 
Learn to love your parents ... and everyone else ... without judging them. I understand that everyone has their own perspectives on life based what they’ve learned, who they are and what they think the world is all about. So instead of thinking that you are smarter, better, wiser and more perfect than your parents, just love them without judgment.
17. Be a man of your word.

Antinous would have been a man of his word. 
Men who lie, exaggerate, cheat, steal or frequently go back on what they’ve promised, are not the type of guys who are respected by others. The most respected men are those who say what they mean instead of exaggerating, lying or pretending to like someone or something.  Respected men promise what they can deliver, and they then stick to that no matter what. As a man, the more you stick by what you promise, the more respected you will be.
18. Be the son that will make your parents proud.

The more of a man that you become, the more people will naturally begin to look up to you. You will be someone that people can lean on, a pillar of strength in this world. You will be someone who can be relied on to be yourself, to say what you really feel and mean and do what is right. Your parents will love you for this.


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