Friday, July 12, 2019


By Priest Michaelus Isom

TODAY is the eighth installment on the Heart of Antinous. It will be broken down into two parts. 

Today we want to talk a little on The Heart of Antinous as a Son. Little is known of the origins of Antinous except that he was from the Bithynian city of Claudiopolis modern-day Bolu, Turkey.

In many ways I am sure Antinous possessed all these 18 traits. I see Antinous far more matured for his age. 18 traits one for each year that Antinous lived.  Here are the first 9. 

18 ways to be a better man … by being a good son:

1. Cherish the time you have with your parents.
The time you have with your parents is short and precious, so make the most of it. Spend as much time as you can with them. Make it quality, loving time — don’t let your mind drift away.
Thought far from home and his family. Antinous surely valued the time he spent with Hadrian. The quiet times when no one was around to the thrill of hunting or attending major functions Hadrian had to attend as Emperor. 
2. Talk to your parents.

Whether you are close to your parents or not, keeping them informed about your hopes and fears and how they can support you is imperative.  Don’t limit your conversations strictly to family memories, or gossip about family members, or your personal life. There’s a whole wide world out there — why not try talking about it.

Antinous and Hadrian spent many hours just talking. Hadrian wanted to hear what his young companion had to say and encouraged him to speak his mind. Like any young man Antinous had dreams, hopes and fears. 

3. Bond with your parents.

Find things that you have in common with your parents.  Just spending ‘quality time’ will mean more than you know.
Probably the thing that bonded Hadrian and Antinous more than anything was hunting. Hadrian loved the thrill of hunting even from as a young man, he was criticized for hunting too much. Not only hunting was a bond between Hadrian and Antinous but the pursuit of knowledge and the mysteries they both were initiated into. 

4. Listen to your parents.

If you listen to them and treat them with the respect they deserve, they will listen to you and treat you with respect that you desire. This gesture of respect is something that they will appreciate.
Even though teenagers can be stubborn and hardheaded Antinous I am sure listen to Hadrian and the sound advise he gave. 

5. Trust your parents.

You may not always like what your parents have to say or feel like they understand you, but they care for you and will usually do and say what they feel is in your best interest.
I am sure that Antinous learned lessons sometimes the hard way and Hadrian let him fail at times. Antinous trusted that if anything went wrong while chasing the Libyan lion that Hadrian would be there for him. 

6. Be loyal.

Always be true to your family and friends.
Antinous was fully committed to Hadrian and was loyal. Many in the Imperial Court would have tried to influence Antinous for their own gain but Antinous remained loyal to Hadrian.

7. Be helpful.

Learn to serve other people without expecting payment or reward.
Antinous would have been one to help where needed. The concern he must have felt for Hadrian when illness struck. 

8. Be courteous.

Be polite to everyone regardless of their age or position. Using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.
Being part of the Imperial Court Antinous had to be courteous to all kinds of people and I am sure even to the ones that he didn’t care for.  Everyone would be watching Antinous to see how he would act or react. Any misstep would have brought disfavor not only upon him but to Hadrian as well. 

9. Keep a sense of humor.

Laughter can always be a lifesaver ... both to help you handle the stress of dealing with sometimes crotchety individuals and to help you bond. If you can laugh together with your parents, you’re doing okay.
I would imagine that Antinous and Hadrian had a many good laughs together. Imagine Hadrian watching Antinous perform some task and can’t just get it right Hadrian would have been ticked just watching. 

So, we will stop here for today. I hope I have given you some things to think about. Tomorrow we will be part two. 


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