Sunday, July 7, 2019


WE will all be dressing like Antinous next year ... according to the DOLCE & GABBANA  Alta Moda show at the temple in Agrigento, the theme of which was Classical deities.

Goddesses were presented earlier and now it is the turn of the gods, said Domenico Dolce at Alta Sartoria menswear show ... the closing act in this summer's Sicilian trilogy of Alta events.

Staged in the handsomely battered courtyard of the town hall of Sciacca (a space that appeared to have been struck by its fair share of lightning bolts over the aeons) this show was a continued consideration of a more than 2,000-year-old act of cultural contamination. 

Around 500 years BC, this much-invaded area of what is now Italy was colonized by interlopers from what is now Greece. 

They brought their architecture, their culture, and their gods before eventually being defeated by the Romans ... who proceeded to appropriate and adapt much of that Greek intellectual and mythological tradition to fire the rise of an empire greater than any before it.

In this ad hoc amphitheater scattered with oversized masculine statues in plaster of Paris, all tumultuous sagas of beard and epically rock-hard ab, we were first presented with masculinity as it used to be ... Antinous!

Watch carefully at 0:31 seconds into this video and you will see Antinous:

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