Friday, October 26, 2018


A modern principiant priest of Antinous was on hand today when the ashes of Matthew Shepard were finally laid to rest at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Principiant Priest Jim Crawford, whose ordination ceremonies will be celebrated on October 30th, represented priests from three continents and followers from around the world.

He brought with him a document containing the prayers and meditations sent to him in recent day by worshippers of Antinous.

"It was my sad honour to attend the Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance for Matthew Wayne Shepard this morning," Jim Crawford said. 

He also related a wondrous anecdote involving a deer:

"During the homily, The Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson told a story that I had never heard before. It seems that when the first police officer arrived upon the scene, she saw that a young deer had stayed with Matthew until help arrived," Novice Priest Jim Crawford said.

Based on that story, C.H. Johnson and M.D. Browne wrote "Gently Rest (Deer Lullaby)". The Conspirare choir sang this during the service. 

Jim Crawford added, "I am going to write the words here because I think the words will strike a chord with those who find Antinous in their lives:"

Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Spirit shining, resting in creation
Universe is holding you so deeply
Gently rest now, you the child of angels

Deer beside you, hear your brother breathing
With you always in your starry shelter
Dreaming in the holy home of wonder
Universe is holding you so deeply
Light of every sun you felt around you
Blessing bringing our own hearts of longing
Spirit sleeping in the arms of ages
Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Universe now dreaming you so deeply
Spirit shining,home within creation
Dreaming in eternal light of wonder
Gently rest now, you the child of angels
Spirit sleeping in the arms of angels
Gently rest . . .

Matthew was 21 years old when he was violently attacked and left for dead in Laramie, Wyoming, because he was openly gay.

His parents say they're "proud and relieved to have a final resting place for Matthew's ashes."

The religion of Antinous honors Matthew Shepard, who died at 12:53 am on Monday, October 12th, 1998, as a saint of Antinous.

He was brutally assaulted because he was gay, on the night of October 7, by two men who had lured him to a secluded place outside of Laramie Wyoming. 

His attackers tied him to a fence, beat him and left him for dead in the freezing cold. 

He was found the following evening by a cyclist. 

By the time help arrived, he had slipped into unconsciousness.

The death of Matthew Shepard awakened the world to the persecution that homosexuals have endured for centuries. His beauty, youth and innocence affected everyone, and spoke for the hundreds of others who in recent years have died similar deaths without being noticed.

Matthew Shepard is a Sacred and Holy Martyr of Homosexuality, he died an innocent because he was gay. He died a death that so many others have suffered, but his death changed the world.

He was 22 years old, very near the age of Antinous and, like Antinous, his beautiful face, humble origin, and tragic death have had a great impact on the future of homosexuality in our society.

We consecrate his memory and pray for him, that he will guide and protect us in our hour of danger, and bring an end to the violence and hatred that he suffered.

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