Thursday, November 26, 2020


By Our Flamen Antonius Subia

TO To the People of Antinous,

My fellow Antinoans, I know that many of you are feeling isolated and afraid, and many are suffering and out of work with little assurance that life will ever return to normal.

Many of you have friends and family members who have fallen sick and perhaps have died, and my heart goes out to you in love and sympathy. 

Many of our Antinous people are considered to be vulnerable and the potential danger is very real and present at every moment for them. 

We have not yet made it through to the end and yet so many people around us are easing off and going about life as if everything is returning to normal, I ask you in the name of Antinous to hold on as best you can for as long as you can and resist the urge to consider that the virus has passed us over and that we are now safe.

Antinous is a god of healing and an image of health and immortality ... but he is also a god of wisdom, prudence and truth.

For your own sake and for the sake of those around you, as a responsible member of human civilization, I ask that you continue in quarantine and practice strict social distancing for as long as we must until we are told that it is safe to come outside.

This is a time for introspection and realignment, to examine our lives so far and address the changes that we have for so long wanted to manifest in who we are and how we want to live the rest of our lives, and also what we want the world to be like when at last we are able to return to the sun.

We can do this together, we must stay strong together as a brother and sisterhood of Antinous believers and create a new world for ourselves in the image that we want it to be, and not let others create the world image for us.

We can do this if we stay together and trust in Antinous and the Clockwork of the Cosmos.

For myself having only just returned from Egypt and witnessing the sunrise event at Abu Simbel, and so many sunrises and their corresponding sunsets and seeing the Clockwork of the Cosmos right before my eyes and touching the sacred sand of Antinoopolis and bringing back relics of our fallen city and Nile water and so many sacred things and then suddenly being confined to solitude as the world around us fell apart and so many people died, who did not have to die ... it has made the event even that much more significant and glaringly clear that the Clockwork of the Cosmos mystery is all too true.

But above it all is the ever-present hope of the Star of Antinous, that all this pain and suffering and misery has been for a purpose that we will understand in due time.

We must hold on to one another, reach out to one another and be there for our brothers and sisters in their time of need. 

This is what the Religion of Antinous has come back from obscurity for, to bring us all together, and this is the time in which we can and must bring his cause into reality.

I was inspired to write these words by listening to an old song by Patrick Wolf (video below), who always seem to have the power to speak to my heart in time of need.

May Antinous bless us and guide us to his light.

~Antonius N. Subia
Flamen Antinoalis

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