Sunday, March 8, 2020


THE 8th of March is the festival of Artemis/Diana as guardian of animals and vegetation.

In the Northern Hemisphere spring is on the way ... and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere winter is coming.

Regardless where you live, leave food for wild birds and other small animals which might need sustenance at this transitional season.

We remember that Diana is the twin sister of Apollo. And because Antinous is often assimilated to Apollo, he therefore substitutes as the twin of Diana, though he can often be viewed as her male double.

That means Antinous is Diana/Artemis/Hecate. She is a goddess of wisdom and can lead us even out of the darkest night, she carries torches to illuminate any tricky path, so call to her whenever you are desperate for help … like all the small creatures under her care at this transitional time of year.

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