Saturday, March 28, 2020


THIS is prayer you can use in a personal ceremony in reference to the current situation we are all going through. It is hoped that this can bring some peace and comfort. 

What you will need:
White Candle
Libation bowl

Light the candle and say:

Antinous Mithras God of Light be our guide.
Light our way through these troubled times.
Grant us freedom from fear just as you grant freedom
From the confines of this world.
As the obelisk declares that you hear the prayers of Gods and Men.
As you heard the pleas of Hadrian, we ask that you hear ours as well.
Great God Antinous who is our strength and guiding light
We humbly come before you.
We seek your healing, protection and wisdom
During this present time of sickness that has affected the whole world
(here you can include specific locations ie: New York City)
We ask that those afflicted by this virus that you grant them healing.
Just as you Antinous, you who gave your life to save Hadrian,
So, to now we ask that you save us from this virus.
Strengthen the bodies of those who are fighting this infection and heal them.
Give comfort to those suffering from symptoms of this virus.
We ask that you provide medical care for those in need.
For those working in the medical profession
We ask that you give them strength and protect them from this virus
Provide the equipment necessary to keep them safe
We ask for wisdom for those working on a cure
Grant to them what they need in order to end this modern plaque.
We ask the Divine Hadrian to bestow his wisdom to those in charge
Whether they are in government or in a position of authority.
In order to lessen the burden this virus has caused.

Pour water into the libation bowl and say:

Antinous your first miracle was the inundation of the Nile
By this you saved an entire empire.
We ask that this water that represents that miracle
Cleanse the world from this virus that threatens us all.
(You may drink this water afterwards or pour on plants)
Our hearts can rest assured because the sacred obelisk says:
“He hears the prayers of all those who call out to Him,
And He cures the afflictions of those in need”

Ave Antinous
Michaelus Priest of Antinous

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