Tuesday, March 31, 2020


MARCH is Women's History Month and Antinous graces two TV and film productions of famous women.

A bust of Antinous appears in the British made-for-TV series VICTORIA (photo above).

And be sure to watch the brilliant film "Agora" by openly gay Chilean filmmaker Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar starring Rachel Weisz as Hypatia. Antonius Subia points out that Antinous makes an appearance in two scenes:

"Antinous definitely does make two brief cameos.

The clearest is a large bust, I think it is the Écouen Bust, which appears in a scene closer towards the end:

In Hypatia's "little Library of Alexandria" when the Bishop of Cyrene, her former student comes to the city
And the (also very hot) Prefect meets them there.

Just as the prefect enters the room,
You see Antinous behind him!
The same Antinous makes a second appearance, more brief and cut off at the neck,

In a later night scene, when Hypatia and her older slave are trying to figure things out.

Any time Antinous makes an appearance... the movie is blessed!"

Watch the trailer: 

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