Thursday, March 19, 2020

By Our Priest Michaelus Isom

EVERY generation or group of people undergo times of the unknown. Many around the world suffer because of war, famine. For us now and this generation it is our time. Yes, Covid19 is deadly there is no denying that and we must take all precautions to protect not only ourselves but think of others. This is a time to have courage. An example we can look to is our God Antinous.

First let’s look at the word courage.  Someone with courage is bold and brave, unafraid to face tough challenges. ... Having courage means acting when others are afraid of the danger, or simply acting without fear of failure. For today it is for us to unafraid to face tough challenges.

Antinous showed these many times, in his life. Think of a young boy being taken from his home to the very heart of the empire, Rome. He left everything he knew, everything that was comfort for him. He learned to adapt, he learned to change and because he did, he became the most beloved of the Emperor of Rome. Courage is adapting to circumstances. Yes, it is inconvenient but being able to adapt makes us stronger.  Other times Antinous showed courage in adversity. During both the boar and lion hunts. 

Royston Lambert in Beloved and God writes “On the Arch of Constantine we recognize him again in close pursuit of the wild boar which, according to Xenophon, was the most dangerous of beasts with its red hot tusks, exacting 'high courage' from those who dared to confront it.” And with the lion he writes, “Antinous' vigour and courage cannot be doubted.”

I think we need to have both courage and strength. Courage is the quality of a confident character not to be afraid or intimidated easily but without being incautious or inconsiderate while strength is the quality or degree of being strong.

Both play a critical part in how we deal with events we are going through now.

You who believe in Antinous. That love Antinous and if Antinous is your God. Look to him. He is where you can find courage not to be afraid and help us be strong in these trying times.

Priest of Antinous

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  1. It is important that our faith enables us to live and survive in this world - that what the Antinoan faith offers with regards to the questions of our time should be made known, so it is heartening to hear a Priest speak up about Covid19 - something which seemingly will leave a stamp on our world even if we beat the pandemic. It is important for our Priests to speak out and the discourse on being brave and courageous is also timely, useful and comes exactly at the right moment.Thank you Priest Michaelis. These are our times and those are its challenges - in our faith lies many answers and our response.