Monday, February 6, 2017


A team of archaeologists working at the site of the city of ANTINOOPOLIS in Egypt have made a remarkable discovery ... an "intentionally buried stone structure" in the heart of the city founded by Hadrian at the spot where Antinous died in the Nile.

While the archaeologists suggest it could be an OSIREION ... symbolic Tomb of Osiris ... raising hopes that this could be the Lost Tomb of Antinous.  

Most interestingly, the rectangular structure is subdivided into three chambers ... apparently an antechamber, a middle chamber and an inner sanctum.

Our Flamen ANTONIUS SUBIA has a theory about this tripartite structure:

"I don't think this mysterious three-chamber structure will be his tomb, but since the radar surveys indicate that it is undisturbed it may hold items that were deposited there by Hadrian himself, or by the early priests that will be of importance to our cult," Antonius says.

"There was no entry to the rooms which is why they were never discovered earlier. They were created when the structure ... possibly the Antinoeion of Antinoopolis ... was constructed and then forgotten or else a closely guarded secret that died with the last priests," he adds.

"The ANTINOEION of Hadrian's Villa was never used, or so it is believed. Perhaps it was created to hold the mummy of Antinous which was housed elsewhere, perhaps in the pyramidical structure near Hadrian's tomb in Rome that Raffaele Mambella has brought to light."

Antonius continues: "I am in agreement with those who believe that Hadrian would not have left the mummy of Antinous in Egypt. 

"Something prevented the Antinoeion of Hadrian's Villa from being used for its intended purpose, perhaps Hadrian's illness and death delayed and then cancelled the plans."

He says, "This new 'tripartite' underground temple, so much like a Mithraeum, is the most fabulous and mysterious news to come out of Antinoopolis in our entire lives ... since ALBERT GAYET's time. 

"To me it is a huge sign, deep underground mysteries coming to light for the first time since the foundation of Antinoopolis!" he adds.

"With all this recent crazy drama of a book published that says that not only are the mysteries of Antinous finished and dead, but that the Religion of Antinous is past tense.

"It seems like Antinous is showing us that he has SO MANY more mysteries and hidden secrets that we could never even imagine," he goes on.

"I think this is Antinous's way of laughing at the title of that book ... he could have chosen any other moment to bring these chambers to light, but he chose now ... this is not my first experience momentous archeological discoveries coinciding with momentous changes in the Antinous Religion.

"My hope is that there will be unimaginable treasures in the three rooms ... but they could also be completely empty by design ... we will have to deal with the results one way or the other," Antonius says. "Whatever comes forth from that time-capsule will determine the future course of our religion."

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