Saturday, August 1, 2015

From Our Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

Full-Blue Moon Blessings to you all tonight!
May Antinous-Vertumnus spread his Abundance
upon your lives!!!

Tonight I performed a sacred Fontus Bath ... And received powerful visions ... there was more than I was able to handle in fact, I even reached a point where I had to try to make it stop because the heat was becoming more than I could stand. 

But the main vision that I saw was Homotheosis rising up from my bath, pouring over the edge and the flooding the land and sea and reaching out over the world.

I saw that it was reaching everywhere and it was coming forth from my bath like some kind of Castalia! 

I saw Dionysus coming forth from a river...he was wearing sunglasses...seated on a throne with wheels, being pulled out of a river by drunks! 

He was the one who made the power of Homotheosis come forth!

After the bath to my great, but not surprised enjoyment ... The moon here in Los Angeles actually does look blue! There was a halo of blue in the clouds around it. 

My photo (above) doesn't capture the colors very well ... but it was beautiful! 

May Homotheosis bring us abundance this year! 
This is my prayer!

Ave Antinoo-Vertumno!

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