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WE are thrilled to announce that Italian archaeologists have returned to the Sacred City of Antinous, the glorious city of ANTINOOPOLIS in Egypt to resume archaeological digs.

This is the first time since 2017 that archaeologists have worked the site. 

In 2017 American experts from Chicago discovered a mysterious, "deliberately buried stone structure" as well as an extraordinary temple CORNICE STONE which mentions the name of Antinous along with Hadrian, Empress Sabina, the goddess Hathor and intersex Nile inundation deity Hapi.

But the archaeologists have filed no updates since 2017. When Antonius Subia visited Antinoopolis in 2020, there was no sign of archaeological work having been done for years.

Antonius Subia is the first priest of Antinous to make a VISIT TO ANTINOOPOLIS in 1,600 years.

It was at this bend in the Nile opposite Hermopolis that Antinous died in the Nile under mysterious circumstances in October 130 AD. Grief-stricken Hadrian consecrated the shore of the Nile where Antinous fell, and solemnly founded the Holy City of Antinoopolis in Egypt in the year 130 AD.

Antinous had risen again from the depths of Tartarus, he had conquered death and returned to the place of the living.

By Victory and Proclamation, Antinous was elevated to godliness, and the ancient religion of Our God was set in motion. 

The Priesthood of Antinous was ordained, sacred statues and images proliferated, and Temples rose up in every corner of the world, for the glory of Antinous the God.

We exalt in the deification of Antinous, and marvel at his assumption into heaven. 

We celebrate the founding of Antinoopolis by re-founding the sacred city within our hearts, declaring ourselves the New Stones of Antinoopolis. 

With love for Antinous in our hearts, the New Temple of Antinous was founded in 2002, called Ecclesia Antinoi, and the New Priesthood of Antinous initiated.

We recognize the Foundation of Antinoopolis as the first day of the New and Holy Year of Religion of Antinous.

This video by Priest Julien commemorates the story of the Sacred City of Antinoopolis: 

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