Sunday, October 3, 2021


OUR Flamen Antonius Subia likes to say that when you look into the eyes of a gay person, you see Antinous looking back at you. (Portrait entitled "Restored Antinoos" above by Damylion.)

And that means Antinous is the one who looks out of my eyes and out of your eyes and out of everyone's eyes ... that Antinous is the beholder and the beheld ... Antinous is the same center.

You know that when you look at another human being, and you look straight into their eyes, it feels uncomfortable. There's something embarrassing about looking into someone's eyes too closely.

It's as though you might find out who that person really is. And what do you suppose that would be?

Do you suppose that another person who looks deeply into your eyes will read all the things you're ashamed of, all your faults, all the things you are guilty of? Or is there some deeper secret than that?

The eyes are our most sensitive organ, and when you look and look into another gay person's eyes you are looking at the most beautiful jewels in the universe.

And if you look down beyond that surface beauty, it's the most beautiful jewel in the universe for the simple reason that it is Antinous the Gay God looking at you.

We are the eyes of Antinous. So in a way, when you look deeply into somebody's eyes, you're looking deep into yourself, and the other person is looking deeply into the same self ... Antinous the Gay God.

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