Saturday, February 8, 2020


OUR spiritual leader Antonius Subia is on a sacred pilgrimage to Egypt ... starting with Cairo, the Pyramids and Saqqara this weekend ... then Alexandria ... then up the Nile in the footsteps of Hadrian and Antinous. 

As any pilgrim knows, enlightenment does not come from reaching the destination but rather from UNDERTAKING the pilgrimage. 

Each step of a pilgrimage is a step towards enlightenment. And each encounter, each hardship, each setback or missed train, each bout of amoebic dysentery, each happy "coincidence", each helpful stranger, each glimpse of a shooting star in a black sky, each phase of the moon ... each step along the way ... becomes a mini-enlightenment.

The Spiritual Goal in making a pilgrimage is not the destination itself ... a heap of ruins in the sand ... Instead, the Spiritual Goal in making a pilgrimage is to suspend your everyday life, to put "reality" in limbo, while you go on a Journey of the Spirit in which each step is an expression of love and praise for your God. 

It doesn't matter whether you ever reach your "destination" in this physical world. Indeed, it doesn't matter whether you cannot make any progress at all in the material sense of the word and never move forward physically at all. 

But the actual, real-life, physical journey to Antinoopolis that Antonius Subia​ is undertaking is fabulous, isn't it? 

It will be the first time in centuries that a true priest of Antinous has returned to the Sacred City. What a moving moment that will be ... and each of you will be entering Antinoopolis with him!

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  1. I wish you all the best for your pilgrimage in Sacred Kemet. I will pray to the Netjeru that it is most auspicious, safe, and blessed for you.